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  • February 18, 2016

Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service - Citizen Developers Rejoice

Eric Jacobsen
Product Marketing Director

Written by Shay Shmeltzer 

We are happy to introduce Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service - the newest member of Oracle’s Cloud Development Platform.

Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service (or ABCS for short) provides an easy way to create and host web applications. Aimed at users who aren’t professional software developers, ABCS delivers an intuitive and visual development experience with no-coding required for application development. 

Application Development Simplified

With ABCS users visually design web applications through a WYSWYIG page editor dragging and dropping UI components onto pages, and connecting these UI components to data objects. These data objects can be created on the fly as an integral part of the interface development. Users can create applications with multiple pages, multiple related data objects, and rich UIs.

When an application is ready to be tested, users can stage it and provide access to other users to test the application through their browsers. When testing is completed, a simple press of a button will publish a production instance of the application. ABCS can also handle propagating subsequent updates to the application. Applications are accessible through the browser on any device, and can be secured and protected if needed.

Oracle SaaS Application Enrichment

While ABCS can be used to develop stand-alone apps, a unique capability it offers is the ability to extend Oracle SaaS applications such as the Oracle Sales Cloud. 

ABCS provides a built-in service catalog that simplifies mashing data from Oracle SaaS with the user’s own custom data objects to create applications that enrich Oracle SaaS functionality. In addition, ABCS applications can leverage the same look and feel used by Oracle SaaS apps. ABCS handles security and single-sign-on across Oracle SaaS and ABCS apps automatically. With its ease of development, Oracle ABCS is a key component in Oracle’s PaaS offering for Oracle SaaS customers.

Superior Technology

Oracle ABCS relies on the power of the latest industry standard and Oracle’s technology to create cutting edge apps. The rich UI is based on Oracle JET - Oracle’s JavaScript Extension Toolkit. Data objects are stored in an Oracle database instance in the cloud. Communication between the UI and the data objects and external services is base on REST/JSON - for light load and fast performance.

Users who are familiar with JavaScript coding, will be able to inject code snippets into their application to create even more advanced functionality.


With its unique combination of visual driven development and powerful underlying technology, Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service makes development and publishing of cloud apps a breeze.

Need more info...watch this video and visit the Application Builder home page at: https://cloud.oracle.com/ApplicationBuilder

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