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New Lower Costs and Increased Flexibility for Oracle Cloud Platform

John Klinke
Director, Oracle Industry Strategy Group

Oracle Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison announced this week new programs that lower costs and increase flexibility for Oracle customers.

The first program, called Bring Your Own License to PaaS, enables you to reuse your existing Oracle on-premises software licenses to purchase Oracle PaaS, giving you more value from your existing Oracle software investments when moving to Oracle Cloud Platform.

The second program, called Universal Credits, gives you one simple contract that provides unlimited access to all current and future Oracle PaaS and IaaS services. With Universal Credits, you can consume different Oracle PaaS and IaaS services easily and switch the mix of services you are using without having to notify Oracle. In addition, Universal Credits are good for either Oracle Cloud or Oracle Cloud at Customer

Both Universal Credits and Bring Your Own License to PaaS will be available on September 25.

To get more information about these flexible new programs, read the press release or watch the Larry Ellison announcement.