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  • August 1, 2013

Middleware Minutes with Howard Beader - August Edition

It’s been a while now
since I have blogged myself and given the importance I have placed on the
social channel, I thought it was time to reacquaint myself with the wonderful
world of blogging.

First let me
introduce myself, I am Howard Beader and I lead the Oracle Fusion
product marketing organization. Basically this means my team is responsible for creating all the online
marketing content and activities across the Fusion Middleware Suite, and for
all the content you see at our in-person events. As you can imagine, we are involved heavily
in driving new product launches, in Oracle Open World and of course in driving
our social media activities across all these various assets including the
blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

For those of you that may not be aware, Oracle Fusion Middleware
includes a complete portfolio of market leading products including Oracle
Weblogic Suite, Oracle Coherence, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle BPM Suite, Oracle
Data Integration, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle WebCenter. Also rolled into this area are our Developer
tools, Master Data Management and Java.

As I am sure you have heard many times by now, the world is becoming
Well, let me be one of
the first to assure you, that this is most definitely the case and the time has
truly and finally come for enterprise mobility. For those that have known me for a while, they
know that I have been involved in helping enterprise customers mobilize their
enterprise systems for almost 13 years now, yes… even before there were smart phones! As I
write this, perhaps I should ask my children if they remember time before the
iPhone and how we had to actually pressed real buttons on a cell phone in order
to dial a number or that there was no texting, tweeting way back then. Okay,
back to the story - at that time, “way back then” in 2000, the devices were
under powered, the network was not yet capable of managing the speeds for the
data required, the IT infrastructures were not optimized to support service
based integration and we didn’t know what we know today about user experience
design. Fast forward to today, can you
imagine not being able to check email every 15 seconds, or the same with

It should be just as
easy for a salesperson to check on a customer’s order, for a service person to
log in and order a replacement part for a repair order, or for an executive to
look at her management dashboard and know that the company is on track to hit
their targets. These types of
capabilities are expected today across anywhere on any device, 24/7 and a
required part of being competitive in today’s economy. Enterprise mobility is a focus area for
Fusion Middleware in FY14, and one that you will see lots of activity around,
so definitely keep your eyes peeled for more.

Another area of focus
is cloud. Specifically, we are seeing customer interest in a number of areas
including platform as a service, PaaS, and this, of course, is another top
focus area for Oracle and for Fusion Middleware in FY14.  We are excited
by the latest release of our Cloud Application Foundation and hope you have the
opportunity to learn more by checking out the latest webcast.

Cloud integration is
a hot topic, customers are always asking for the best solution to integrate
their cloud solutions with their on-premise applications.  In a survey
that Oracle conducted we found that a stunning 64% said they were unable to
integrate their cloud apps with other enterprise apps. More information on
cloud integration and the study can be found here.

Fast Data is an
exciting topic that we introduced at OpenWorld last year, and is an area that
we are continuing to see tremendous interest in across our customer base. Fast Data is a complimentary approach to Big
Data for managing large quantities of “in-flight” data that helps organizations
get a jump on those business-critical decisions. Fast Data is the continuous
access and processing of events and data in real-time for the purposes of
gaining instant awareness and instant action. You will be seeing much more from us in this area, but if interested
feel free to check out our Fast Data article on Forbes located here.

Mobile, Cloud,
Big/Fast Data are all top of mind initiatives we are hearing from our customers
and partners. Oracle Fusion Middleware provides significant benefits across these
areas and more especially for our application customers. In FY14, we have
developed a focused program, Oracle AppAdvantage, to help our customers
maximize their investments across Oracle Applications.

With Oracle
AppAdvantage we are addressing the topics we are hearing from our application
customers. As an example, our customers
often ask - I have E-Business Suite Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and or Siebel, how can
we develop more agile processes, how can we optimize our platform, how can we
have better engagement with our customers, employees and partners, or how can
we mobilize our applications to name just a few. The answer is... Oracle AppAdvantage!

Stay tuned to learn
more about the program, and if you are coming to Oracle
in San Francisco you will hear a lot more about the above
topics across our Oracle Fusion Middleware sessions, hand-on labs and demos so
if you are there stop by and say hello we definitely want to hear from you!

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