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  • September 9, 2019

Intelligent Content Platform: Built to Innovate

Lee Ribeiro
Product Marketing Manager
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In our last blog post, we talked briefly about the intelligent Content Platform and introduced some of the exciting sessions surrounding Oracle Content and Experience at #OOW19. Let’s take a little bit deeper of a dive around what an Intelligent Content Platform really solves.

We all know the pain - digging through massive, unorganized folders trying to find the perfect asset for the blog post you’re working on, the banner for your website update, or the imagery for your next social post. In a perfect world, piecemealing together a dream solution when it comes to effectively managing and utilizing content for user experiences likely consists of multiple products.   

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, product leaders at Oracle were able to map out a better way to create experiences and manage content. By putting together a functionality that can help users create content that can respond to all combinations of audience profiles and intent, a system that can support all types of content, and features intuitive enough to know what users are trying to create and even recommend the best assets to utilize, Oracle has created a truly Intelligent Content Platform:

Universal Asset Hub – A centralized platform for all of your marketing assets: content, images, video and documents.

Collaboration & Workflow – A collaborative platform that connects best of breed asset creation platforms to world class content creation. Teams can work in tandem to deliver exceptional experiences.

Omni-Channel Delivery – An API first platform that separates delivery from content management. Pick your favorite front end tech while preserving your content back end.

Smart Content & Personalization – A market first ‘smart authoring’ platform that utilizes machine driven tagging and augments content through AI to reduce content assembly time and deliver personalized experiences.

Enterprise Integrations & Scalability – A seamlessly integrated content repository across all of CX – Marketing, Commerce, Sales and Service. Augment CX content features with state of the art AI/ML based Smart Authoring and DAM.

Stay tuned to the Oracle blog over the next couple weeks leading up to #OOW19 as we continue this blog series on introducing the ways the Intelligent Content Platform can enhance your digital experience strategy.

Planning on heading to Open World? Don’t miss Chris Stone, SVP of Content and Experience, and Girish Bettadpur, VP of Content and Experience, give an exclusive look at this exciting vision in their session around Unleashing Content! This along with many other exciting Oracle Content and Experience panels can be found in our Open World 19 Catalog!


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