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Gluon Saves Developers' Time with Oracle ACCS

In the business world, there is a growing trend called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD refers to employees and customers who prefer to bring their own personal mobile device into the workplace and use it in place of traditional desktop computers or company-provided mobile devices for accessing company applications and data. Because of BYOD, it has become important for businesses to develop their mobile apps and be able to send them to many different mobile devices that operate on various networks and use different operating systems. 

Gluon provides an end-to-end enterprise mobile solutions for developing cross-platform mobile apps that easily connect to enterprise backends and cloud services, all while being centrally managed. Gluon CloudLink enables enterprise and mobile developers to easily connect their disparate services and applications together, enabling bi-directional communications between mobile apps, enterprise infrastructure, and cloud systems.

Leveraging the Oracle Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS), cloud users can now provision their own instance of Gluon CloudLink, which is a set of Java EE based micro-services in the Oracle Cloud. Depending on their needs, users can assign and provision the micro-services on one or multiple instances. It also leverages the Oracle Database Cloud and the Oracle Storage cloud to store and retrieve content. Moreover, it is also possible to integrate the data that is managed by Gluon CloudLink with existing or new Oracle Database Cloud instances.

Managing and maintaining a set of micro-services is typically a non-trivial task, but the Oracle ACCS makes it very easy for developers to do this. Existing backend and cloud functionality can be re-used while developing mobile applications. Also, the maintenance and operational cost of managing mobile applications can drastically be reduced. By using a single codebase for mobile apps, development cost can easily be reduced with 50%. Since the back-end component of a mobile app does not need to be rewritten, companies can be much faster to the market with their solution.

In the video below, Johan Vos, CTO, Gluon explains how Developers can save 50% of development time by using Gluon Cloudlink on the Oracle Application Container Cloud Service as customers gain flexibility in their deployments.

Gluon is just one of the Oracle’s partners leveraging Oracle Cloud to support their customers’ cloud transformations. When you are ready to start a free trial, visit Application Container Cloud Service page.

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