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Getting Started with Blockchain

Arijit Chakraborty
Principal Product Manager

Blockchain is driving innovation, reducing costs, and improving security across industries such as finance, insurance, supply chain, retail, and manufacturing. Today enterprises are actively looking at adopting blockchain to create robust solutions to reliably share data and conduct trusted transactions across their business ecosystems.

In simple terms, blockchain is a system for maintaining distributed ledgers. It is maintained in such a way that allows the ledger to be shared among different groups of non-trusting parties without requiring a central administrator in order to harden security. In contrast to traditional databases which are generally controlled by an administrator, a blockchain distributed ledger provides a near real-time indelible record which is replicated among the participants involved. This allows business transactions to be more secure and transparent. 

Watch this video created by the Oracle Learning Library Team (YouTube channel) to learn more about creating and managing a blockchain network with Oracle Blockchain Platform. This video gives you a detailed step-by-step walk through to create a secure and trusted production-ready blockchain network based on Hyperledger Fabric architecture.

Oracle Blockchain Platform is a comprehensive distributed ledger cloud platform that comes preassembled with all the necessary enterprise capabilities including container lifecycle management, event services, and identity management. To learn more, visit our Blockchain Cloud Service page. For a free trial, visit cloud.oracle.com/tryit.