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Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Oracle's PaaS

Padmini Murthy
Director, Product Marketing


The Power of Oracle PaaS

From cloud computing discussions, you know that Platform is THE underlying force that turns bright enterprise ideas and prototypes into fully functional applications. It’s the platform that decodes all layers of complexity to rapidly build a new application or cost-effectively modernize an existing application.

The platform offers front-end tooling with various frameworks and languages to tee-up the application logic. It ties in data services such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, Big data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark to manage large volumes of data, and ensures integration with other applications and systems through open source and proprietary tools and technologies. The platform also makes the app ‘intelligent’ by building analytics driven by AI and ML. When the entire power of the platform is offered as a fully-managed and cohesive set of cloud services, it becomes Platform as a Service (PaaS).


Mindshift to a DevOps Culture

There’s a fundamental mind shift happening in enterprise IT today. Development and IT have traditionally had distinct charters; Development focused on building and deploying the application while operations was mainly concerned about standardization, security, and performance.

But with digital transformation as the mega movement, there was a need to change how applications were built and deployed. Enterprises cared about faster time-to-market, developers cared about faster release cycles by automating the build-deploy-operate process with CI/CD, and IT operations cared about standardization and performance.

All of this converged with the DevOps tool ecosystem, and a new DevOps culture and organizational design inside the enterprise. Consequently, businesses such as Instacart, Lyft, and others are taking on a DevOps and microservices approach by building and releasing features rapidly while keeping operational constraints in mind. But now the platform has to be flexible enough to support the needs of the new DevOps organization.


Oracle PaaS – Designed for the Modern DevOps Enterprise

You’ve heard about Oracle’s SaaS and database offerings. We even announced the world’s first self-driving database at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017. But the underlying ‘force’ that enables you to extract even greater value from your SaaS and on-premises applications is Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is a highly differentiated platform that enables enterprises to accelerate innovation for all applications and IT needs. The Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) is a comprehensive, standards-based, fully integrated combination of Oracle and other open source technologies to build, deploy, migrate and manage a variety of different application workloads in the cloud at a significantly lower operational cost.

And, we’re going to offer five reasons why you should choose Oracle PaaS for your Application Development needs.

1.    Optimized for Java workloads and Oracle Database – no surprise here. Oracle has a strong Java legacy, and Oracle’s database has been perhaps the first and the most powerful engine driving enterprises for many decades. Oracle continues to innovate with the self-driving and fully autonomous database (as announced in the Open World). And all its Java and database customers can now take advantage of Oracle’s superior performance and capabilities without the operational hassle of managing them. By using Oracle’s automated and enterprise-grade PaaS, enterprises can modernize existing applications or build new Java-based applications, with integrations into security, management, monitoring combined with Java and database diagnostics capabilities.

2.    Runs on Enterprise-grade Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Oracle provides a combination of a highly performant and secure cloud infrastructure with flexible, on-demand options for storage, compute, and network and Oracle’s database layer makes it a powerful platform to run all enterprise workloads. Oracle’s enterprise-grade customers are highly regulated industries that are running Oracle’s PaaS on OCI dedicated compute or Cloud@Customer, and have vouched for this combination of high-performance, differentiated infrastructure layer with the power of the complete PaaS platform.

3.    Offers complete support for Containerization on Bare Metal/VM or a combination thereof – we talked about DevOps and how it is changing some of the App Dev equations. DevOps has instituted faster time to market with automation via CI/CD, a microservices/serverless architecture and an ecosystem of different open source tools that offer monitoring, management, governance and scaling of these applications seamlessly.

Oracle’s PaaS can utilize Oracle bare metal compute, GPU compute, virtual machine, or Docker containers for the underlying infrastructure. Containers ensure more portability of the application for developers from their on-premises development environments to the cloud. Oracle has also introduced a Container Native application platform that offers end-to-end automation of DevOps pipelines, along with container orchestration and management.

The containerized application can run either inside virtual machines or a more secure and highly-performant bare metal infrastructure to avoid virtualization penalties. There can also be a combination of the two approaches based on the desired SLA for various microservices that constitute the application. This makes Oracle’s Container Native offering a highly differentiated one.

4.    Operates as a cloud-agnostic solution with flexible deployment options – unlike our other competitors, Oracle offers complete flexibility to move and operate workloads between different clouds. Oracle also offers various deployment options with public or private clouds or cloud @customer where we take the cloud solution behind the firewall at the customer’s data center.

5.    Supports all modern application development extension constructs like Blockchain, IoT, Chatbots (powered by AI and ML) –  this discussion wouldn’t be complete without talking about some of the bleeding-edge technologies like Blockchain and Chatbots (that are powered by AI and ML). Oracle’s PaaS is designed to seamlessly migrate and extend any enterprise application and enable Chatbot, Blockchain or IoT for it. Oracle recently launched Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) supported by the Hyperledger Fabric. It also made several advancements to its AI enabled Chatbot technology using NLP, AR/VR again announced at the Open World.

If you’d like to learn more about Oracle PaaS, click here, and sign up for a free trial.

So no matter where you are in your cloud journey, Oracle can meet you there with a foundational offering known as Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS). Please refer to Dave Donatelli’s six journeys to the cloud, Steve Daheb’s perspective and strategy for the journey to the cloud, and Amit Zavery’s vision of the power of Oracle PaaS!

We hope to meet you in your journey to the cloud!


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