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Financial Services Hackathon Tackles Security Issues

The State Bank of India is a public sector banking and financial services company with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Like other financial companies, it has a strong focus on security that includes identity fraud detection, signature validation, and multi-form authentication. To help drive continued innovation for their security initiatives, SBI has launched a curated hackathon for start-ups and developers to showcase their cutting-edge solutions.

For their second hackathon - SBI Digitize for Bank 2017 - SBI leveraged Oracle Cloud Platform and focused on four use cases: Facial Authentication, Voice Authentication, Cheque Truncation and Signature Authentication. By leveraging the Oracle Public Cloud to crowdsource solutions to these problems, SBI is looking for creative ways to reduce fraud, automate processes, improve efficiencies and better serve its clients.

Listen to Sudin Baraokar, Head of Innovation at SBI, discuss how Oracle Cloud Platform has powered their second hackathon.

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