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Enhancing Your Chatbot with an Instant App Experience

Arijit Chakraborty
Principal Product Manager

In our previous post, we demonstrated how Oracle Cloud Platform makes it easy to create your own chatbots. In this post, we will discuss how you can enable your chatbot to transition from a natural language conversation to an app-like experience in order to collect structured data from a user.

Let us take an example of your customer interacting with your chatbot to inquire about a product. The interaction begins with some basic queries being answered by the chatbot. When you customer shows an intent to make a purchase, the Instant Apps feature allows your chatbot to seamlessly transition from a natural language discussion into an app-like experience enabling structured data entry including instant validation and rich media. Watch this video created by the Oracle Mobile Platform Team to learn more about this valuable Instant Apps feature available in Oracle Intelligent Bots.

To learn more about Oracle's Intelligent Chatbot offerings check out this chatbot success story and visit oracle.com/bots. For a free trial of Oracle Mobile Cloud, visit cloud.oracle.com/tryit.