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  • July 25, 2014

Community Powers Oracle

Author: Debra Lilley, ACE Director

Once you have decided on your initiative to
drive value from Oracle Applications using Oracle Fusion middleware you need to
think about the skills you need. Are you going to use a Systems Integrator, in
house capability, or increasingly some form of cloud offering? Whichever you
decide on you will still have a learning curve which is where I believe
community is the answer. Not all learning has to be formal classroom led, look
at the skills needed and select the formal training for the base skills, but
for the areas you need an understanding of, and these won’t even be all be technical
and then to learn more about the formal skills, I recommend community learning.

The Oracle Community is an enormous wealth
of groups all offering their members a different angle on learning, through
education, through sharing and through asking questions.

This blog, has the strapline, ‘Inside
Oracle’s Middleware Community’ and is the sharing of knowledge from a wide
range of contributors.

Oracle itself has Oracle Technology Network (OTN) which is a phenomenal resource. It is ‘the world's largest community of
developers, admins, and architects using industry-standard technologies in combination with
Oracle its articles, blogs and forums cover most of the technology’. Check out this infographic to appreciate the impact OTN has on the community.

OTN is also responsible for the ACE
which I am so proud to be a part of, they recognise individuals who
have demonstrated both technical proficiency and strong credentials as
community enthusiasts and advocates. Most people in the ACE program present on
their topics at User Groups and these are in my opinion the best place to
learn, from people who have the knowledge, the passion and the experience.

I started my Oracle community life in my
local usergroup UKOUG and love the opportunity to share
my knowledge with others, and to learn. Just look at the agenda of usergroup
events to see just how much opportunity there is to learn; for UKOUG we have
just launched both our Technical
and Applications
agendas, take a look and see the wealth of content.

This year I attended both Collaborate and
Kscope in the US. One of the downsides of being involved in the running of a
usergroup is you don’t get the chance to attend any sessions (other than the
ones you give), so I use these two conferences to do my
. Collaborate
covers the deeply technical mainly database side with IOUG, and then for this audience the
Applications through Quest and OAUG. Kscope is
run by ODTUG who cover development and
middleware and the home of the technology this blog covers. Most countries have
a usergroup and OTN through the ACE program helps great international speakers
attend so be a part of the user group. In fact, usergroups have a community
themselves, the
, where they share and learn from each other. There is also User Group
Sunday at Oracle Open
and along with both Oracle and non-Oracle speakers the whole event
has almost 2,000 sessions.

And if you haven’t made that decision yet,
user groups are a great place to see and hear what others have done with their
Oracle investment.

Most of the great educators, ACEs,
Speakers, Oracle Product Managers also blog, a quick Google search on your
topic will show up the best, or check out the ACE register and
subscribe to the ones that interest you.

And ever wondered where your partner
learns? Well they too have communities, the Oracle Partner Network, OPN have
them for different areas and the blueprint for the best of them is the SOA & BPM Community with
over 5,000 members run by Jürgen Kress.

My final thought is about Cloud. It sounds
like utopia, no need to worry about anything, and yes you may not need to worry
about the technology, but it introduces new challenges - managing the cloud
provider, new constraints and how to get the best from it? All questions that
require a new community, for cloud users and in UKOUG, we will be launching
this soon.

Community - no better place to start your Oracle
AppAdvantage learning. 

About the Author:

Debra Lilley, Fusion Champion, UKOUG Board Member,
Fusion User Experience Advocate and ACE Director.

Lilley has 18 years
experience with Oracle Applications, with E Business Suite since 9.4.1, moving
to Business Intelligence Team Lead and Oracle Alliance Director. She has spoken
at over 100 conferences worldwide and posts at debrasoraclethoughts 

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