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  • January 23, 2015

ACE Director on Clearing the ConFusion – Oracle Cloud Applications

Author: Debra Lilley, ACE Director, EMEA

As I typed that
title I cringed. I have been an advocate for
Oracle’s development of Next Generation Applications from the day
they announced Fusion, and I hated the term quickly coined by pessimists
of 'Fusion – Confusion'. But now as Oracle drops the name
Fusion, for its applications, I feel there really is some confusion, so I
am going to use this post to clarify to this community.

Why am I writing
this post for this blog?

Well the problem is Oracle knows it has renamed the products, but their
customers don’t. If you are attending COLLABORATE in April the stream is called
Fusion Applications,
and if it wasn’t the number of
attendees would be very small, but more and more you need to recognise the
Cloud brand. The components of Cloud that Oracle developed in their technology
(okay, Fusion applications), are 100% written on Oracle Fusion Middleware,
that hasn’t gone anywhere and continues to be developed, and it is the use of these Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies that Oracle AppAdvantage is all about - extending the capabilities of "Fusion" Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware. My starting position and reason I became involved with this
AppAdvantage initiative is that there is no better shop window for
what Oracle Fusion Middleware can do than the applications that Oracle has developed itself.

I did try an
explanation on my own blog after Oracle Open World but this time I will be more succinct.

FACT : All Fusion
Applications are now Cloud Applications.

Each pillar is now
renamed Oracle …. Cloud , so Fusion Financials is now part of Oracle
ERP Cloud, within each pillar there are the separate offerings which are
normally desecrate process areas and with discrete pricing.

FACT : Not all  Cloud
Applications started Life as Fusion Applications.

As part of their Cloud
journey, Oracle has acquired some native cloud-delivered applications,
such as Taleo and RightNow. The plan, being executed is that these products are
being unified, i.e. integrated with other offerings, where possible
being delivered on the same technology stack and being given the
same User Experience as Oracle’s home grown offerings. 

RightNow has for some
time been known as Oracle Service Cloud  and the recruiting module from
Taleo as Oracle Recruiting Cloud

FACT: Cloud Applications
don’t have to be SaaS

Software as a Service is
the deployment of an application in a cloud environment. Oracle, or a third
party in some cases, hosts the application and look after not only the
infrastructure but the patching and security, and in turn you pay a
subscription to use charge.

Most of these same
applications could be deployed on-premise with you being responsible for all
the above and with the more traditional upfront licence costs. 

Oracle have called the
products Cloud because they are available and are being deployed as such more and more that way.

FACT : Oracle are trying
to make it easy for you to find this all in one place.

This is a great place to
https://cloud.oracle.com/home. The Applications tab goes through the offerings and you can find the PaaS offerings to extend and strengthen your SaaS.

About the Author:

Debra Lilley, VP Certus Cloud Services, Fusion Champion, UKOUG
Board Member, Fusion User Experience Advocate and ACE Director.

Lilley has 18 years experience
with Oracle Applications, with E Business Suite since 9.4.1, moving to Business
Intelligence Team Lead and Oracle Alliance Director. She has spoken at over 100
conferences worldwide and posts at debrasoraclethoughts 

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Comments ( 1 )
  • Floyd Saturday, January 24, 2015

    I think part of the challenge lies with the inconsistent of Oracle's own execution on branding changes.

    One example: spent a good part of the last two weeks refreshing some of my Oracle Recruiting Cloud skills. Not one reference to the term "Oracle Recruiting Cloud". All the training material was branded "Taleo Recruiting". All the training environments were branded "Taleo Recruiting". All the instructors talking about "Taleo Recruiting". No mention of "Oracle Recruiting Cloud"...not once.

    Another example: at least here in the States, very few people talk about "The Oracle Service Cloud". But everyone's heads start nodding when the subject turns to "RightNow".

    Third example: can't even count the number of times that I've heard "experts" from Oracle and from Oracle partners refer to "Fusion Applications" when talking about Oracle Cloud Application Services over the past year.

    Consistency and persistence required here. And we're just not there yet. I'd like to think the user groups could help with that, but I think they're just as muddled on the subject as everyone else at this particular point in time.

    Timely post, Debra. Well done.

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