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50% Faster Time to Market with Application Development in the Cloud

Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP Group) is the national energy company in Croatia. They have been managing the generation, distribution and supply of electricity for more than a century, and in the last few decades, have been also managing the distribution and supply of heat energy and natural gas.


Figure 1: About Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP Group)

There is a significant DevOps movement inside HEP, and the teams that develop ADF applications were looking to simplify the burdens associated with hardware acquisition and software setup. Before adopting Oracle Cloud Platform technology, HEP had a very slow process for provisioning new on-premise servers resulting in long development and testing cycles. Moreover, their internal administration department software certification process resulted in further delays. The certification cycle was much slower than what the developers needed.

Figure 2: Technology Landscape at HEP before Cloud

HEP chose Oracle Cloud Platform services including Database Cloud, Java Cloud and Developer Cloud to speed up their development and testing. The initial project focused on their Coal Information Management (CIM) systems which managed data about coal in their thermal power plant at Plomin. This included ensuring accurate data about coal delivery, contracts and shipping.  

Figure 3: HEP CIM Project Architecture

Based on first two months of usage they are estimating a 50% faster time to market for new development activities. Now their development team can provision environments without worrying about hardware & software procurement and setup. After implementing the Cloud Development process they see savings and risk reduction due to standardized architecture and processes.

Patrik Frankovic, Head of Software Development Unit, describes how HEP leverages Oracle Cloud Platform to automate their development and deployment cycle.

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