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You Can Now Run VMWare VMs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Ravello

Omair Gillani
Sr. Principal Product Manager
Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Ravello Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

With Ravello Cloud Service on OCI, you can now bring any of your existing VMware or KVM based workloads “as-is” and run it on the Oracle Cloud. Oracles innovation in on-demand bare metal compute instances has enabled us to deliver significantly higher performance and scalability than that provided by other cloudsRavello now truly makes lift-and-shift of production enterprise applications to cloud a reality.
Ravello utilizes its industry leading nested virtualization and software defined networking overlay 
technology to make the underlying public cloud look and feel like a datacenter, making this move easy. With a like-for-like environment with Ravello, enterprises dont need to re-platform or re-network their VMware data-center based app – they are moved to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as-is, and the physical components are simply moved to bare metal servers. This unique capability to run VMware VMs and physical hosts on the same cloud makes enterprises journey quick, simple and predictable.
Bare metal instances deliver significant performance and scale enhancement to the Ravello Service through the following technological advancements only possible on Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure:

Hardware Assisted Nested Virtualization: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure runs on the next generation of blazing fast hardware that supports virtualization extensions. These extensions allow multiple guest operating systems to share the same underlying hardware in safe and efficient manner. HVX utilizes these hardware assist CPU instruction sets to perform nested virtualization directly on the underlying hardware and offers significant performance improvements over the previous generation of HVX. Typically, the cloud providers do not expose hardware assisted virtualization extensions to guest VMs, which limits the performance when operating in a nested virtualization mode. However, with Ravello running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we can make performance boosts a reality for customers.

Directly on Bare Metal: On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, HVX also supports the ability to run directly on top of bare metal servers. By eliminating a layer of hypervisor in the middle, HVX is able to provide near native performance.


Figure 1 HVX Nested Virtualization Modes

All in all, Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers up to 14X performance boost with hardware assisted nested virtualization and even higher by running HVX directly on bare metal.With such performance gains, enterprises are now easily able to run their production VMware apps on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Ravello. 

Interested in trying Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Just sign up for a free trial or visit the Oracle Ravello website to learn more.

Omair Gillani
Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Team


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