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Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services? A Customer Shares Their Top 3 Reasons

Imagine you’re shopping for something special, but the price isn’t right, it doesn’t quite fit, and the staff isn’t being entirely attentive.

Now imagine your excitement when you find something just right.

That’s the story of Telesoft's journey to the cloud. Telesoft* is an expense management SaaS provider that has hosted customers on their own infrastructure for over a decade. They looked closely at several cloud providers, and decided to move their infrastructure to Oracle's Infrastructure as a Service.

Here are the top 3 reasons why they selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure over other cloud providers:

1. Engagement and Personal Attention: “It was hard to get engagement and personal attention from some cloud providers,” said Thierry Zerbib, Chief Technology Officer, Telesoft. “However, Oracle engaged with us directly, and partnered with us to execute a successful proof of concept, and worked with us right through to the final solution. The momentum continued as we moved quickly into production.”

2. Best Price for Performance: Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services is the most cost-effective cloud solution. The pricing model is simple and clear, with support included at no additional cost.

3. Room to Grow: Oracle’s DenseIO Bare Metal Compute instances, which can scale up to 36 OCPUs of processing power and 28 TB of local NVMe storage, provides Telesoft with robust performance today and room for their database to grow. The solution design makes it easy to scale by adding new VMs for new customers as the company continues to grow.

Find out your reason to move to Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Services by signing up for a free cloud trial today.

Read more customer stories at: https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/bare-metal-database/customers

* Telesoft has been renamed as MDSL

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