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VCN Connectivity: Flexible Options for Your Most Demanding Applications and Workloads

Customers host their most demanding applications and workloads in the cloud using the rich set of capabilities of the Oracle Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) when designing and implementing their networks. Like in a traditional datacenter, customers assign their own private IP address space, create subnets, define route tables, and configure firewalls. Customers may create isolated VCNs for standalone applications such as a corporate web site, or provision VCN resources as an extension of their corporate network.  Regardless of the purpose for which a customer deploys resources into a VCN, customers have three options to reliably connect to their resources.


The public internet reliably connects resources anywhere in the world. Oracle provides redundant data centers, multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP), and ISP circuits that connect every Oracle Bare Metal Cloud region to the Internet.

Internet-based VPN

IPSec VPNs provide encryption over the public Internet. Oracle Bare Metal Cloud VPN service provides multiple, redundant data center VPN tunnel endpoints using standards-based IPSec encryption. For a list of devices we have tested and that are known to work with the VPN service and generic customer premises equipment (CPE) configuration information please view the documentation.


The FastConnect Service is a network connectivity alternative to using the public internet for connecting a customer’s network with the Oracle Cloud. FastConnect is a good choice for a.)  cloud native workloads that need to be privately accessible from inside the enterprise, b.)  hybrid workloads that span resources deployed on-premises and in the cloud and that require a predictable and consistent networking experience, c.)  moving workloads and data from a customer on-premises data center to elastic, on-demand deployed resources in the cloud or d.)  moving workloads and data between public cloud networks.

Using FastConnect, customers can establish a private connection between their existing physical network and their Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), and access their VCN using private IP addresses (RFC 1918).  Connections are established in two ways, a.) by co-locating with Oracle in a FastConnect location or b.) by connecting via a FastConnect provider.

Figure 1: FastConnect Service Types


For both service types Oracle provides the building blocks so customers can establish redundant connections.

Figure 2: "Provider" Service Type - Data Center, Circuit and Router Redundancy

FastConnect “Provider” Service Type

After establishing at least one physical connection with the provider using single mode fiber, provisioning a virtual circuit via a provider such as Megaport (https://www.megaport.com/) takes just minutes using the console or API. Customers networks must support support 802.1Q (Single-Tag) VLANs and Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4) and the customer must provide a private BGP ASN for their network. The following video provided by Megaport shows the end-to-end process.


FastConnect “Colocation” Service Type

If a customer’s network is collocated with the Oracle network in one of the FastConnect locations customers can directly connect.  When the first connection is established, Oracle places the cross-connect into a cross-connect group (aka Link Aggregation Group or LAG) enabling customers to grow their bandwidth seamlessly in increments of 10-Gbps ports. Customers can place up to 8*10-Gbps ports into a cross-connect group.

Figure 3: "Colocation" Service Type - FastConnect Console

Taking advantage of a rich set of capabilities and a comprehensive set of connectivity options, customers can build their virtual cloud networks and connect to them the way their applications or workloads require. FastConnect provides customers with an easy way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options, and a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to internet-based connections.

Let’s get connected….

For more information:

- Documentation: https://docs.us-phoenix-1.oraclecloud.com/Content/Network/Concepts/fastconnect.htm?Highlight=FastConnect
- Website: https://cloud.oracle.com/bare-metal-network

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