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Track Critical Health and Performance Metrics with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

In today’s always-connected world, there’s an expectation that the systems that power our apps, businesses, and entertainment won't falter in their reliability, performance, and customer experience. Using the same technology that ensures our infrastructure’s availability, we have built a monitoring and alarming service designed to give our customers the insight that they need to exceed these expectations.

We're proud to announce the launch of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring service in all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure commercial regions. The Monitoring service gives you the insight that you need to understand the health of your resources, optimize the performance of your applications, and respond to anomalies in real time. Out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards are provided for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources such as compute instances, block volumes, virtual NICs, load balancers, object storage buckets, and more. You can also have your applications emit their own custom metrics, enabling you to visualize, monitor, and alert on all critical time-series data in one place. Combined with a powerful query language, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring includes a robust metrics engine that enables flexible aggregation and complex queries across multiple metric streams and dimensions in real time.

Alarms are a key component of the Monitoring service. The service quickly detects fluctuations in performance or health and notifies you about them. The alarm definition language lets you create a variety of alarm types that can use multiple statistics, trigger operators, time intervals, and wildcards for applying them to the entire fleet of resources. Alarms are integrated with the newly released Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications service, which delivers messages to destinations such as PagerDuty and email securely and reliably.

Getting started is straightforward. Use the Metrics Explorer available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console to search and visualize multiple metrics across various dimensions and time. Alternatively, you can use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Source for Grafana, available from GitHub and the Grafana Marketplace, to natively access metrics directly from Grafana.

Additional features and capabilities are coming in the near future, including an expanded list of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resource metrics, import and export functionality, and customizable retention times. We are excited to share this initial launch as a first step towards providing a best-in-class cloud monitoring solution.

We want you to experience these new features and all the enterprise-grade capabilities that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers. It’s easy to try them with our US$300 free credits. Beyond the free tier, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring provides a simple, competitive pricing model based on two dimensions: the number of data points sent as custom metrics and the number of data points used for analysis. For more information, see the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Monitoring service essentials and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring documentation.

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