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Tip of the Iceberg

Hi everyone,

I'm Vinay, and my team of Product Managers are working on a long and exciting list of new features for Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services (BMCS). We first introduced BMCS at Oracle Open World in September 2016 where Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison heralded its superior cost and performance characteristics. BMCS became generally available to our customers just a short month later with new compute, storage, network and management capabilities built on top of its revolutionary high performance infrastructure. Since then, our team has been working hard to continue this rate of innovation. In this blog post I’ll talk about four new features that we released this month and give you a little hint about what’s coming next!

What we’re announcing this month

Just a short time after GA we already have four new features to introduce to you. We’ll be blogging in detail about all of them, but here is a summary of what we’re announcing:

The compute service now supports Virtual Machine (VM) compute instances that are specifically designed for applications or workloads that do not require the performance of an entire bare metal server. We’re now the first leading cloud provider to offer both bare metal and VM compute shapes, and Oracle Database on bare metal, all on the same innovative virtual network and infrastructure we introduced a few months ago at Oracle OpenWorld.

We are now supporting 1, 2 and 4 core VMs with more shapes coming soon. The VM instances complement the Bare Metal instances by providing our customers the flexibility to choose different compute shapes that match the compute resources needed for their applications. The VM instance runs on the same underlying Bare Metal infrastructure (low-latency network, high-performance server hardware) delivering the benefits of the Bare Metal Cloud platform in a smaller compute instance. More details on the VM launch can be found here.

We're also launching a new Database Service on BMCS. Customers can now instantiate single-node databases without having to individually create compute and storage instances and install database software themselves. Management overhead is also reduced because the new database service is integrated with the BMCS billing and licensing model and uses our Identity and Access platform for security and access controls. More details on the Database Service can be found here.

Our Block Storage service now supports 2TB iSCSI volumes, allowing for a maximum of 40TB storage to be attached to compute instances. This will benefit customers running database and other applications that require higher scale with larger partition sizes – all while providing highly reliable and secure storage volumes. More details on the Block Storage service enhancements can be found here.

And finally – a new Load Balancer Service is also launching this month. Customers will get a single floating IP with provisioned bandwidth to use as an entry point to distribute traffic across subnets in a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). Traffic can be load balanced at the TCP and HTTP layers utilizing multiple policies (e.g. least connections, round-robin, IP-hash). SSL termination and bandwidth provisioning at 100, 400, and 8000 Mbps will also be available at launch. More details on the Load Balancer Service can be found here.

Coming soon…

We're really excited about the momentum we have in bringing you new functionality for Bare Metal Cloud Services. Along with multiple new services, we’re also announcing new infrastructure investments with plans to open two new regions in Virginia and UK. And we’ll be targeting a new region every two months globally through mid-2018. Similar to our existing Arizona region, each of these regions will offer three or more availability domains, designed for extremely low latency and fault-tolerance.

In addition we have several features lined up to launch over the next few months – including additional OS images, new object store capabilities, networking enhancements, as well as new auditing and orchestration services.  Keep watching this space and follow us in the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Community to read about new features as soon as they become available.

Join us!

We're growing our team to better support our customers and bring new features at an even faster pace going forward.  We're looking for incredibly smart engineers, product managers, technical writers – you name it – to help us build the world's best cloud for enterprise customers. Drop us a line if you're up to the challenge!

Thanks again for taking a look at Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services. We hope you are able to take advantage of our new features and once again, please don't hesitate to send us your questions and feedback. 

Vinay Shivagange Chandrashekar
Sr. Director, Product Management
Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services

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