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The Journey for Government Cloud Innovation Starts at Cloud Infrastructure

Shweta Bhatia Gupta
Product Manager

When you examine and interpret Deloitte’s “Government Trends 2020” report, cloud technology emerges not only as a foundation for innovation, but also as an enabler for many the other advancements. Whether it’s the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), using big data and predictive analytics, or improving the citizen experience, cloud infrastructure plays a pivotal role in transforming and propelling governments into the fourth industrial revolution.

Approximately 75% of time and budget are dedicated to maintaining existing systems. Many government IT leaders struggle with one common challenge: how to transition from maintenance to innovation.

Cloud-based platforms provide agencies with the opportunity to drastically reduce spending and free up resources to develop, deploy, and securely manage applications. Regular upgrades that come with cloud services often improve overall performance and infrastructure security. These updates also add new features and functionalities that would otherwise take agencies months or more to test and implement using on-premise systems.

Being Cloud-First and Cloud-Smart to Achieve Maximum Potential

While cloud adoption is growing rapidly, many public sector organizations struggle to realize its full potential. There’s not a single right choice for every situation. For most agencies, the best option is to choose the most cloud-worthy platform, applications, services, and processes, and then select the cloud as-a-service model that makes the most sense, based on the application requirements.

Software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) each have their advantages. The SaaS model enables immediate access to applications, but with limited ability to tailor specific processes. PaaS allows an agency to pick the building blocks that it needs to solve different business problems, without the hassle of in-house integration or service. PaaS also enables agencies to lift and shift custom in-house applications to the cloud without requiring complex rework.

For infrastructure, agencies today have already invested in their on-premises infrastructures. This infrastructure includes capabilities for storage, compute, database, and networking services. These capabilities are amplified in the cloud. Imagine combining the benefits of public cloud, such as on-demand availability, self-service nature, agility, scalability, pay-for-use cost effectiveness, with the on-premises benefits of governance, predictability, and control into a single offering. These offerings provide agencies the choice and the operational agility needed to manage a hybrid environment of on- and off-premises infrastructure services.

Cloud Infrastructure, A Solid Foundation for Innovation

“Government policies and investment dollars can help encourage cloud adoption. But ultimately, using the cloud for innovation requires a mindset shift in government: from solely measuring cost savings from cloud to developing innovative capabilities.” – Deloitte, Government Trends 2020.

The shift in mindset from implementation to innovation means strategizing how cloud infrastructure can be used as the foundation for innovation. How and why?

Products, processes, or procedures are revised or refined to improve the outcomes; this is when innovation happens. We measure these outcomes by time saved, cost reduced or averted, and performance enhanced. Innovation is a result of research and development investment with the focus of creating value for the end user or citizen. Cloud computing technologies are inherently innovative. They move IT investments from the traditional capital expenditure (CapEx) model to an operational expenditure (OpEx) model using a third-party cloud service provider with compliance and a high level of service-level agreements.

Investment in sound infrastructure can innovate and create value in many dimensions. As infrastructure evolves beyond being a commodity, the value gained from its use only increases over time. With its agility in scaling and ability to provide access to platforms world-wide without extensive budget and procurement refinements, cloud infrastructure helps get things up and running quickly with reduced risk and maintenance costs. The combination of the right platform and storage infrastructure, computing infrastructure, and network presents endless potential for innovation. Cloud computing is also the native platform for future innovative software applications using mobility and internet of everything devices.

The Journey for Government Cloud Innovation Starts with the Right Cloud Infrastructure

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