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Strategies to maximize your JD Edwards investment in the cloud

Chacko Thomas
Global Executive Partner & Oracle Cloud leader at IBM

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This is the fourth article in a series created to help you make the most of your Oracle enterprise applications with the help of IBM and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Discover how to combine business and technology skills to create new opportunities and modernize your mission-critical applications from the inside out. The six articles highlight why migrating your on-premise Oracle applications to the cloud is a good business strategy in the current context and how IBM can help you accelerate your transition while keeping costs low.

This article weighs up the considerations of accelerating your existing Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) investment with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and explores strategies for an OCI migration.

Rethinking business for the future

Staying relevant and competitive and meeting customer expectations has never been more challenging for businesses around the world. In today’s pressure-ridden environment, organizations running core Oracle apps on-premise are looking to keep up with new technologies and add value to their business by moving to the cloud. However, with database-intensive workloads such as JD Edwards, traditional cloud deployment raises concerns around cost, performance, rearchitecting, compatibility, and expertise.

On top of the well-known benefits of cloud technology, such as lower costs, reduced risk and enhanced agility, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables enterprises to migrate most on-premises deployments without significant configuration, integration or business process changes. The result is a reliable and scalable solution that can deliver performance at lower costs than deployments running with other cloud providers.

"In addition to providing recognized cloud benefits, the next generation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables digital transformation and innovation for enterprises. Customers can extend their existing JD Edwards investment with OCI to improve efficiency, increase cost savings and realize unprecedented performance gains."

Jeff Erickson, Senior Director Product Manager JD Edwards, Oracle

IBM Services for Oracle can help businesses who run applications on premises to implement connected solutions in the cloud and take the right steps towards a future of working with technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and automation.

Understand the upgrade strategy for your JD Edwards environment

For achieving best results, your cloud strategy should include three essential elements that work together to help build an integrated environment:

  • Software-as-a-service, to enhance and complement your JDE apps
  • Platform-as-a-service, to extend and broaden your JDE apps
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service, to optimize and maximize your JDE apps

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An important benefit of moving your workloads to OCI is that you can take full advantage of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 release and its continuous delivery. With small updates delivered as soon as they become available, you can benefit from product innovations and features quicker. Moreover, small, frequent updates don’t cause the business process disruptions that major updates do. Other innovations from JD Edwards 9.2 include One-Click Provisioning, containerization, Oracle Autonomous Database and many other tightly integrated tools.

With digitalization as the hallmark of the century, a cloud strategy oriented towards the future needs to include the ability to scale with artificial intelligence and cognitive solutions. As you plan your migration, you could also consider automating repetitive events, tasks and processes across your infrastructure.

Going forward, each JD Edwards investment is unique and so is the process of moving it to cloud. To best address your needs, consider two patterns of cloud migration:

  1. Lift and shift – this type of migration helps you move your entire on-premises environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including configurations, customizations and historical data.
  2. Move and improve – this type of migration includes an upgrade to code current JDE

Read this paper to discover the top 4 ways to drive Oracle JD Edwards modernization and achieve unprecedented performance gains.

As you strategize your journey, it’s easier to have a partner that can help with migration and contribute to your business growth. IBM is a long-standing provider of Oracle services and the company’s broad portfolio of offerings comes with proven assets, methodologies and capabilities.

"Companies looking to modernize Oracle JD Edwards need the ability to accelerate this journey. They need a roadmap that is tailored to their company and they need a trusted partner that delivers solutions and approaches that are both cost-effective and transformational for the enterprise."

Ryan Ferguson, Oracle JDE US Service Line Leader, IBM

An expert hand for your move to cloud

As one of the leaders for Oracle Cloud Services and with over 1000 JD Edwards projects successfully completed, IBM is one of Oracle’s most significant partners. With IBM your organization can lean on over 20 years of market-leading experience in providing managed services and over 15,800 dedicated Oracle consultants.

IBM is committed to creating efficient and reliable solutions for organizations which are planning to move their JD Edwards ecosystem to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. These solutions were designed to help you at each stage of your Oracle investment, from consulting to implementation and management. With assistance from IBM, companies can reduce manual tasks to achieve up to 70 percent efficiency increase and automate all Oracle ERP to become production-ready in half the time.

IBM can be a trusted ally every step of your cloud journey, helping you extract value from your JD Edwards investments as you reimagine your enterprise with cloud.

How to modernize your existing JD Edwards enterprise application

Explore more strategies to move JD Edwards and boost its performance in the cloud by viewing this on demand session. Discover the long-term benefits of running JDE on OCI and see how IBM Services can help you achieve them. Watch Lauren Baker (Oracle Marketing and Comms Global Business Service, IBM), Ryan Ferguson (JD Edwards Practice Lead, IBM) and Jeff Erikson (Senior Director Product Manager JD Edwards, Oracle) discuss what’s possible and how to get there. You can view the on demand the event here.

The event is one in a series of six debating why OCI is the best option for moving Oracle apps and workloads and how IBM can implement and manage every aspect of your migration to Oracle cloud. You can watch the on demand series here.

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