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Set Up a Hybrid Cloud with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Direak Tan
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Program Management

Imagine your own home that’s both comfortable and familiar. Now, envision the power of being able to add space to that home, just by opening a door. The more space you need, the more doors you open. No longer need that extra a room? You can quickly reduce space you no longer need to reduce costs. Hybrid cloud makes these options possible for the on-premises data center you’re already familiar with.

With Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, you can create a hybrid software-defined data center (SDDC) that extends your on-premises VMware estate into Oracle Cloud, without having to retool or change your operational mechanisms.

Use Our Solution Playbook to Illuminate Your Hybrid Cloud

The solution playbook, Learn About Setting Up a Hybrid OCVS SDDC Between an On-Premises SDDC and the Cloud, is your guide to setting up a hybrid cloud ecosystem running VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. With this solution, you can easily migrate VMware vSphere workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and take advantage of consistent infrastructure and operations. The solution playbook first explains the underlying architecture, which comes fully equipped with VMware vSphere ESXi, vSAN, vCenter, and NSX-T, much like your on-premises environment.

You’re likely to face certain challenges when moving workloads to the public cloud, such as the lack of application interoperability, inconsistent security among sites, and disruption to your business, to name a few. Altogether, these issues can make the endeavor highly complex and tedious to execute. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution supports VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX). HCX provides an abstraction layer that takes away many of these complexities. The solution playbook illustrates the procedures for using HCX to help you build the hybrid cloud and extend your VMware infrastructure.

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX)

HCX helps make migration, replication, replatforming, network extension/optimization, and even cross-site mobility manageable. Communication is handled through the Oracle Cloud FastConnect service. You can choose to bring HCX Advanced or HCX Enterprise licenses, depending on the capabilities that are needed. Consult the VMware HCX Licensing and Packaging Overview to compare details of the features and functionality offered by HCX Advanced and HCX Enterprise.

When you’re ready to begin, follow the solution playbook’s step-by-step instructions to set up VMware HCX with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. You need access to the following five distinct HCX services for the hybrid deployment:

  • HCX Enterprise Manager (at the source)

  • HCX Cloud/Enterprise Manager (at the destination)

  • HCX-IX



A screenshot of a use case for capacity expansion.
Figure 1: Use Case: Capacity Expansion

For the hybrid cloud to work properly, such as in the disaster recovery use case, you need to establish DNS name resolution within the virtual infrastructure. This resolution requires changing the default settings after the one-click deployment of the VMware SDDC in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for vCenter Server lookup service to communicate using HCX. Readers are directed to create custom DNS in the cloud environment or use existing on-premises DNS server.

Once the initial setup of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and the other components are complete, and all prerequisites are met, you can begin to configure the source site (on-premises SDDC) and the target site (Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC). The article describes each resource and the corresponding configuration and validation requirements. It also includes extensive information about network settings, routing and communication, security, and access management.

Bringing It All Together

Finally, the Solution Playbook delves in to how to set up the VMware HCX, from installation to configuring site pairing, and the service mesh and interconnects to extend your networks from on-premises SDDC to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Once these tasks are complete, you can move virtual machines (VMs) back and forth between your on-premises VMware environment and the cloud.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is the only hyperscale cloud offering that empowers enterprises to migrate VMware vSphere environments to the cloud, while retaining total control over updates, patches, and validation for all VMware components. With the addition of HCX, you can enable the use cases afforded by extending your on-premises SDDC to the Oracle Cloud to form a hybrid cloud. Visit this solution playbook for the detailed guidance.

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