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ServiceNow and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration for ITOM visibility and AIOps

Zeke Kaufman
Solution Architect

We’re happy to announce the availability of ServiceNow's IT Operations Management (ITOM) software to ServiceNow customers who wants a single pane of glass to monitor all their resources deployed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The integration of the ITOM Visibility and Discovery service provides a means for joint ServiceNow and OCI customers to inventory and analyze usage of cloud resources within their OCI tenancy.

All Oracle Cloud discoverable IaaS, PaaS, and CaaS resources are extracted and stored in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) repository, which you can then use to monitor availability of those resources for IT services, operations, and support level management. Combining CMDB content with ServiceNow’s AIOps platform also enables you to deliver business service health dashboards, generate customized reports, and optimize spending on cloud usage.

Configuration Management Database

A graphic depicting the architecture.

Using the OCI REST APIs, the ITOM discovery service queries for all discoverable configuration items in the entire OCI stack, across all data centers. Configuration items include Compute resources (virtual and bare metal machines), custom images, cloud network resources, storage volumes, Oracle databases, and more. You can automatically create relationship maps that provide an actionable summary of resources across applications, networks, users, and connected systems. You can also infer dependency information, highlighting bottlenecks or a lack of redundancy (high availability) in production ready environments.

Use cases

A graphic depicting the architecture connection CMDB with Oracle Cloud.

The following represent a few of the use cases of the ITOM Discovery service:

  • Organizational level auditing: You can use discovery logs to determine ownership of resources within a tenancy. Dependency trees highlight what assets within a tenancy are dependent upon (or responsible for) those resources. Discovered OCI Tagging data is also used by the tag-based service-mapping feature to build application context for IT workflows.

  • Event notification and incident response: When a webserver or database server goes down, the event is immediately captured and customer is notified. Oracle Cloud customers can integrate the OCI alerts through the Notification service to ServiceNow AIOps platform for alert correlation, binding, and incident response. Automated event handling and management in response to these events is on the roadmap for future versions of ServiceNow.

  • Asset management: Imagine a deployment with five VMs, where four of the VMs are using less than 20% CPU usage, or a suite of VMs provisioned with 8 GB of RAM, when 4 GB could satisfy operational requirements. Asset management and utilization metrics enable organizations to reconsider deployment designs and optimize resources across compute, storage, and networking services.

Getting started

To access the ITOM Visibility and AIOps discovery service, you need a ServiceNow account and an instance in the ServiceNow Service Management portal. From the instance in the ServiceNow portal, perform the following steps to integrate the ITOM Visibility and AIOps discovery service with their OCI tenancy:

  1. Under Plugins, search for “Discovery and Service-Mapping Patterns” and click Install.

  2. Go to Discovery, Credentials, New, and in Oracle API Credentials, enter your OCI tenancy information.

  3. Go to Cloud Provisioning and Governance, Service Accounts, and create a service account. Enter a name, and under Account ID, enter your compartment OCID. Under discovery credentials, link the service account to the credentials created in the previous step.

  4. Go to Discovery, Discovery Schedules, and then Cloud Discovery. Select the OCI provider and link to your service account. When the account access has been tested and verified, you can begin to discover resources in your OCI tenancy.

A screenshot of the Discovery Manager Cloud Discovery screen with a red arrow pointing to OCI in the Provider menu.

Give it a try

If you already have an OCI account, you only need to follow the previous steps to take advantage of the ServiceNow ITOM-OCI integration. If you don’t have an OCI account but are curious about the features provided by ITOM, you can sign up for an Oracle Cloud Free Tier account. Deploy some resource within your tenancy and let the discovery begin!

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