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Security-first email and web services built on a security-first cloud: OCI

Faye Hutsell
Director of Product Marketing, OCI GTM

In partnership with Erik Kangas, PHD, CEO of LuxSci

During the pandemic, telemedicine became essential as health care services moved outside of hospitals and into homes. However, balancing this remote approach to medical care while complying with patient privacy regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act (HIPAA), created unique challenges for medical providers.

Enter LuxSci, a leader in HIPAA-compliant web hosting and secure email communication, with over twenty years of experience protecting sensitive information online. LuxSci provides a unique combination of security, reliability, and flexibility to meet any complex business need. From email encryption to secure high volume email sending, LuxSci provides HITRUST-certified solutions and will consult with any client to find the secure solution that fits their needs. With more customers looking for secure cloud-based solutions, LuxSci needed a partner with an equivalent commitment to data security.

Choosing OCI

By choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), LuxSci was able to improve data processing speeds, heighten security, and reduce costs, all while expanding their ability to protect their customers’ private information. 

OCI is secure by design with its security-first approach to cloud architecture, tiered security defenses, security tooling included in your tenancy, and highly protected operations. Customers reduce risks from constant threats with security-first design principles that use built-in tenant isolation and least privilege access. Your data is not only isolated from Oracle and other tenants, but intentional isolation exists between application tiers. Controls built within the application and database ecosystem utilize the hardened cloud infrastructure. Easy-to-use security tools which integrate across the cloud, along with autonomous database security patching, reduce the risk of human error and unexpected downtime. Oracle Autonomous Database helps organizations transform IT database operations by automatically patching, updating, securing, and managing itself, reducing the risk of human error and unexpected downtime, and accelerating the pace of innovation while using fewer resources.

Oracle Autonomous Database automates formerly manual security tasks, helping reduce security administration costs by up to 55%. Proactive security automation with zero downtime includes automated patching and always-on encryption at rest with TDE or in motion with TLS. The automation reduces the risk of data breaches occurring after common vulnerability and exposure alerts have been issued.

Security first

2020 saw more health care providers choosing to offer telehealth services, but it also included a 25-percent increase in recorded healthcare breaches over 2019. With more health care services moving online, it’s more important than ever for covered entities to take extra steps to keep patient information protected.

LuxSci recognizes the threat that cybercriminals pose and is always searching for ways to improve their systems. Prior to choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, LuxSci used a number of other public cloud and private cloud providers, but these needed many customizations and upgrades to meet LuxSci’s stringent security standards. 

“Use of OCI has eliminated the need for extra upgrades through a security-first design, encryption by default, and a fantastic computing model which proactively addresses many cross-virtual machine threat vectors and even enables encryption of the data storage channel,” said Erik Kangas, Founder and CEO at LuxSci.

OCI has been structured from the ground up with fault zones, availability zones, and other baked-in features that facilitate the design of highly reliable and high-performance solutions. All of these built-in security features aligned perfectly with LuxSci’s stance on security. “OCI also includes network-wide DDOS protection; that is a breath of fresh air!” said Kangas.

Reliability = security

LuxSci was most impressed with OCI’s determination to build their platform with security at the forefront. OCI’s security-first approach parallels LuxSci’s own dedication to privacy and data security, making OCI an ideal partner for LuxSci as they grow.

Reliability is a central part of security and essential to LuxSci’s business functions. HIPAA customers require backups and redundancy to ensure that their systems are always high-functioning and operational. By switching to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, LuxSci is able to provide expanded support to enterprise-level customers.

“I can't state this strongly enough: These differences are fundamental architectural choices that Oracle has made, which significantly mitigate many common cloud computing security risks,” said Kangas.

LuxSci's HITRUST-certified, HIPAA-compliant solutions are more performant on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Any organization that requires communications security can see these layered services and common philosophy as complementary, aligned, and very attractive.

Health care data has a home on OCI

Oracle welcomes LuxSci onto its cloud platform and is fully invested in applying the synergies between the two companies to augment Oracle's existing services and to provide more compliance solutions in the Oracle cloud to its existing and future customers.

Together, Oracle and LuxSci are providing their customers with the most secure environment for health care data. Combining Oracle's best-in-class second-generation cloud infrastructure with LuxSci's best-in-class security solutions for healthcare communications creates an exceptionally secure environment for any compliance need. Whether you’re in the cloud, moving to the cloud, or considering multicloud strategies, consider learning more about security, identity, and compliance on OCI.

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