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Seamlessly Integrate Cloud within Rich Media Workflows

Christine Rogers
Manager, Product Management

Many media companies are turning to cloud infrastructure to lower storage costs, improve data protection, and increase management efficiency. Yet they often struggle with how to integrate cloud into their existing solutions, and most cloud offerings are not designed for rich media workloads. 

Announcing Expanded Oracle DIVA Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle DIVA solutions enable studios, broadcasters, and those with rich media repositories to maximize the value of digital content, automate asset management, and scale their environments to the cloud with ease. Oracle DIVArchive is the #1 Content Storage Management application with over 1.5 Exabytes under management. DIVArchive seamlessly integrates with 150+ workflow and production-enabling partner products to support media workflows across globally distributed on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Oracle’s latest release of DIVArchive now supports deploying on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as well as onboarding and tiering assets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage and Archive Storage. Oracle continues to invest heavily in DIVArchive enhancements that allow customers to seamlessly integrate the latest media and storage technologies across on-premises and cloud environments. By deploying Oracle DIVArchive on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, media companies can easily leverage cloud for implementing media workflows, enhancing data protection, and reducing archive storage costs. 

DIVA Deployment Options

Figure 1: Oracle DIVArchive Deployment Options with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Focusing on Solutions for Rich Media

Oracle DIVArchive continues to focus on simplifying management of rich media assets. This latest release further expands support for partial file restore, which can be leveraged across on-premises and cloud environments to speed data retrieval and reduce restore fees. 

Because many media companies have huge repositories of rich media assets that they need to get into the cloud quickly, Oracle DIVArchive has added auto-discovery capabilities for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure storage repositories. This capability enables customers to leverage Oracle Data Transfer Services to get data quickly into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and speeds importing this file and metadata information into their DIVArchive environment.

“Media companies are focusing on how to safely and securely leverage cloud services within their digital media workflows. Oracle DIVArchive allows companies to focus on maximizing efficiency, working with a solution that makes storing, managing and retrieving rich media easier and more cost effective.” -- Rino Petricola, VP, Digital Media Solutions

With Oracle DIVA and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, media content owners can leverage the power and capabilities of DIVArchive while benefiting from the optimized price and performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute and the low cost of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage, without compromising the security or accessibility of digital media assets.

Implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage and Archive Storage with Oracle DIVA

Oracle DIVArchive customers can start tiering data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure today. There are a few simple steps to set up the connection within DIVArchive to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

Create Object Storage Arrays and Disks within the DIVArchive Configuration Utility

To create the cloud storage containers within DIVArchive, create object storage arrays and assign a disk to those arrays. Set the Cloud Storage Class value for Object Storage containers to Standard, and set the Cloud Storage Class value for Archive Storage containers to Archive. 


Figure 2: Oracle DIVArchive Storage Array and Disk Setup

Create a New Storage Account

Create a new Object Storage Account with the type of OCI, short for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Enter the appropriate account parameters to enable Oracle DIVA to access the Object Storage containers created within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The private key, fingerprint, and key password are automatically generated.

Object Storage Account

Figure 3: Oracle Storage Account Setup

To learn more about Oracle DIVA on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, visit http://www.oracle.com/csm.

To try Oracle Cloud today, visit http://cloud.oracle.com.


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