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  • November 29, 2018

SAP Highlights at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

Gilson Melo
Director of Product Management

It was a very exciting time at Oracle OpenWorld this year! There were lots of great keynotes regarding further advancements in cloud technologies and database, and packed sessions with a ton of new announcements about Oracle Cloud services in general.

Now is a great time to recap some of the major SAP highlights that we presented at Oracle's main conference in October. 

Oracle provides robust, scalable, and reliable infrastructure for SAP applications running in demanding environments around the world. SAP and Oracle have worked closely to optimize Oracle technologies with SAP applications to give customers the best possible experience and performance. The certification of SAP Business Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure furthers this long-standing partnership.
Oracle and SAP certify and support SAP NetWeaver applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, making it easy for organizations to move Oracle-based SAP applications to the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables customers to run the same Oracle Database and SAP applications as they have done previously in their own data centers, preserving existing investments while reducing costs and improving agility. For additional details, click here.

SAP NetWeaver on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been available on bare metal shapes since 2017, and in 2018 we announced support for virtual machine shapes. Having all these options available for SAP workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure made it easier for us to continue the strong momentum of customers migrating their SAP applications to the Oracle Cloud. I'd like to share some highlights of successful SAP migration stories leveraging these recent service enhancements that our partners, SAP and Oracle engineering teams presented at OpenWorld.

Partner Highlights

Cintra, an Oracle Platinum partner, has been in business for over 20 years, working with big names in financial services, retail, aviation, healthcare, and gaming. During their SAP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Cintra deliver extreme performance for top retailer [CAS4027] session at OpenWorld, they highlighted one of their SAP use cases that they have successfully migrated from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, along with insightful details about that process. 

The customer was a leading retailer whose on-premises architecture that was supporting their SAP applications - including SAP ERP, ERP Central Component (ECC), Business Warehouse, Solution Manager and Enterprise Portal - was nearing its end of life. Like many customers who look to cloud, they wanted to take advantage of a continuously modern infrastructure and wanted to replace their traditional CAPEX model with an OPEX one. However, they also required the utmost reliability and the highest performance for the database workloads that were supporting these applications.

Based on the performance requirements, Cintra recommended running SAP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as it is the only IaaS provider to support Exadata Cloud Service and RAC. What's more, both Oracle and SAP have jointly tested and certified Oracle Engineered Systems like Exadata for SAP, ensuring a faster time to deployment. And customers who are running their SAP applications on Exadata on-premises can move to the cloud with 100% compatibility while taking advantage of Oracle's Bring your own License (BYOL) program.

Cintra leveraged their RapidCloud Transformation Methodology and a strong collaboration with Oracle's SAP Cloud Platform team to execute an aggressive cloud deployment timeline and successfully migrated their customer's production implementation of SAP onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

In the end, the customer was able to realize performance and business continuity improvements, and eliminated $2.5M in on-premises technology refresh costs.

Abdul Sheikh, CTO at Cintra, said: “Having delivered the world’s first production SAP to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Cintra was delighted to present the details of our successful SAP cloud transformation project at OpenWorld 2018. It was a tremendous conference, and off the back of our involvement, we’re talking to a number of organizations who are keen to move their on-premises SAP platforms onto an enterprise-grade cloud. We’re excited to be working with the Oracle SAP and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure teams to realize these customers’ visions.”

SAP and Oracle Engineering Highlights

Valuable sessions like SAP on Oracle: Development Update [PRO4405] - given by Christian Graf, Manager / Supervisor, SAP SE; Gerhard Kuppler, Oracle VP, SAP Alliances, Oracle; and Jan Klokkers, Senior Director SAP Development, Oracle - provided a roadmap for our joint customers, explaining what's currently available and what's lined up in the coming months. 

Here's a view of what's currently available to support SAP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To keep up to date on the latest SAP on Oracle news, product certifications and best practices, I would encourage you to bookmark these resources:

Another successful Oracle OpenWorld has finished strong. Over 60,000 customers and partners from 175 countries gathered in San Francisco, where they had a chance to see and hear all the great things that we have delivered and have planned for the next months. In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure sessions at Oracle OpenWorld, attendees learned why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is different from other clouds—from its standout performance, to its commitment to openness, to its focus on security—and how it enables organizations to succeed. 

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