RunSafe Security Launches Cyberhardened Components on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Phil Griston, and Lucas Gomes

Over the last two years, memory-based attacks have become the largest, most damaging, and fastest-growing class of cyberthreats. The MITRE Corporation flagged memory vulnerabilities as the highest-ranking software weakness by far in their 2019 Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE). Realizing that static or dynamic application security testing and scanning tools aren’t sufficient, companies are looking for more powerful cyberhardening approaches to help contain these vulnerabilities. As a pioneer of patented cyberhardening technology for embedded systems and devices, RunSafe Security is an expert in this field.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace: The Strategic Distribution Platform for RunSafe ESP

Enterprise Software Protection (ESP) is a new program from RunSafe that offers cyberhardened open source software components with passive protections built in. Using RunSafe’s patented Alkemist transformation engine, the open source images available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace include intrinsic cybersecurity protections that effectively immunize them against the most prevalent and dangerous threats to software today—memory exploitation attacks.

Starting with Apache HTTP, RunSafe is cyberhardening popular open source components to make enterprise infrastructure more secure. These images are functionally identical to the images that you deploy today, but they have the added ability to passively ward off attacks. There’s no additional security agents to manage, no new alerts to track—just hardened code that protects itself with zero intervention from the end customer. By using cutting-edge Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques, RunSafe ESP images on Oracle Cloud Marketplace protect you from both known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Deployment is simple. Point your deployment script to the protected image on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and you’re done. With the endless stream of new vulnerabilities across all open source software, ESP provides a consistent layer of powerful protection that’s there for the long term. Deploy once, and the protections are persistent for the life of the deployment, with no patching required.

More Images to Come

RunSafe is rapidly expanding the available ESP library. They plan to launch other cyberhardened images, such as Postgres, NGINX, Python, Redis, and memcached. Let RunSafe know what open source IT infrastructure you’re running in your Oracle Cloud instance, and they’ll work with you to harden it from attack. You can reach them at support@runsafesecurity.com.

RunSafe and Oracle are changing the playing field of hacker economics to better support the defense. By swapping to a RunSafe ESP Oracle Cloud Infrastructure image, you’re protected from the most dangerous type of threat out there.

Learn more about defending against software vulnerabilities with RunSafe:

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