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Rapid Global Expansion for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Andrew Reichman
Director of Product Management

At OpenWorld this year, Oracle described a bold plan to extend global coverage of our next-generation enterprise-centric cloud infrastructure platform. This cloud is designed to meet the needs of our core customers, with consistent high performance, optimization around Oracle database and applications, and a broad suite of support for the demanding, data-centric workloads our customers run. 

Cloud has become the dominant technology approach worldwide, allowing organizations to stop wasting effort on data center management, refreshes, and system upgrades. Most enterprises have a strong imperative to get their workloads onto the cloud.  But the first generation of cloud platforms were built to meet the needs of developers, with variable performance and a heavy reliance on oversubscription and shared tenancies. These platforms offer low cost to get started but high and unpredictable cost in the long run. They focus on proprietary services that require painful transitions to run existing applications in cloud, and allow little ability to move elsewhere.

Oracle is trusted around the world for solving organizations’ biggest technology problems, especially around data.  When we reimagined a cloud to meet the needs of this category of workloads, we got it up and running quickly with coverage in the US and Europe.  But we knew that we needed to extend this footprint globally, to meet the latency and data residency requirements of multi-national organizations as well as those based outside of our initial locations. 

To this end, we developed an aggressive plan to increase our footprint of next generation cloud data regions to extend coverage to the majority of our customer base by the end of 2019.  We plan to add a region in Toronto, Canada in the beginning of the year and we'll open more new regions over the course of the year in Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, and the United States, including Virginia, Arizona, and Illinois to support public sector and Department of Defense customers.

We’re excited to bring our unique next-generation enterprise cloud to the world.  Customers with demanding workloads will benefit from the consistent high performance, low predictable pricing, and the compatibility and portability that we bring to the table. Come talk to us about how we can help your enterprise IT environment get better results with less time wasted on remedial infrastructure management by running key workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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