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  • May 11, 2020

Powering Supply Chain Modernization with HighJump on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Altamash Saajid
Principal Product Manager

Running a cost-effective and operationally efficient supply chain is essential to running a successful business. Warehouse management solutions are key in achieving that efficiency. HighJump, a leading global provider of supply chain management solutions, has partnered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to offer a unique warehouse management optimization platform for its customers. This platform enables intelligent supply chain management, advanced data analytics, and warehouse control to optimize every aspect of supply chain for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and third-party logistics providers.

In their journey to move to the cloud, HighJump evaluated several cloud providers and looked at various decision points such as efficiency of running infrastructure and performance of their application. They chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as it helped them achieve their goals for running a successful supply chain management system on the cloud. OCI offered them a predictable, high performance and a highly available cloud environment. This was possible with OCI's cloud component offerings that are faster and comparable to those of on-premises, and a non-oversubscribed very low latency network.

HighJump launched an initiative called “HighJump Now” on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to empower supply chains worldwide with the cloud. They’ve made their offerings for warehouse, transportation management, logistics and retail execution more scalable along with a secure cloud environment hosted in Oracle Cloud.

HighJump Improves Application Performance by Leveraging Oracle Cloud

HighJump deployed its solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and achieved 40% performance improvement in the efficiency of running infrastructure and processing transactions and observed a much faster cloud environment implementation - going from 8 weeks to 2 days. These improvements helped them tremendously improve their cash flow, receivables, and revenue margins. Given the guaranteed faster performance and high availability of workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, HighJump is now pushing all new deployments on Oracle Cloud.

HighJump’s solutions run 40% faster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure v/s on-premises. That together with better pricing and TCO allows HighJump to run an optimized supply chain solution on the cloud.

Security in the Cloud

Security is paramount when running any workload in the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s off-box virtualization means that Oracle can’t see customer data and the customer can’t see Oracle’s management code. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also uses custom hardware to guarantee clean resources for each customer and offers preconfigured, mandatory security best practices for critical production workloads, which helps eliminate customer misconfigurations.

The following diagram shows a single tenancy ISV design utilizing VCNs (Virtual Cloud Network) for customer segregation. More details around the architecture can be found here -  ISV architecture blog

Customer Experiences

A top big auto retailer was able to scale with HighJump on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure through business increases and seasonal changes and was easily able to handle “Black Friday”- level promotional peaks with high performance. They were also able to consolidate four warehouse management systems onto HighJump Now on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for better performance and management control.


The Bottom Line

HighJump considered three key factors when choosing a cloud provider: speed of running transactions on their application, faster deployments and the ability to rapidly scale with growing customer demand. By choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, HighJump was able to achieve their business goals and support more test and training environments for their customers in hours versus days while not impacting production.


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