What’s New: March 2024 

March 21, 2024 | 4 minute read
Kenna Kettrick
Program Manager
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Hello, and welcome to our new What’s New posts. We’re now publishing monthly updates of the latest and greatest news highlights, with links and resources for more reading. You can also check out our monthly What’s New videos, and don’t forget to bookmark the What’s New blog homepage for easy access. Let’s get started!

AI and machine learning

AI is top of mind for everyone these days, and Oracle is no exception. Recently, we’ve upgraded our OCI Search with OpenSearch with AI to version 2.11, which introduces retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) pipelines, vector database, conversational and semantic search enhancements, security analytics, and observability features. For more details, check out the launch blog or dive into our webinar replay.

Do you use Autonomous Database? Check out the recent enhancements that integrate AI and advanced machine learning (ML), including the following examples:

  • Autonomous Database Select AI, which lets developers create AI-enabled apps that understand users’ natural language questions

  • A new spatial enhancement in Oracle Machine Learning that enables organizations to include location relationships in ML models for improved model accuracy

  • A new user-friendly, no-code model monitoring interface simplifies the timely detection of quality and concept drift in ML models

  • A new UI for Autonomous Database Graph Studio enables the creation of property graph views on Resource Description Framework (RDF) knowledge graphs using a drag-and-drop method, allowing organizations to explore interconnections across knowledge silos without complex coding or data duplication

To learn more about these enhancements and how easy it can be to start using them, check out Autonomous Database brings AI to your data.

Finally, we invite you to join us for upcoming Data and AI forums. Customers across the world have heard from Oracle leaders in AI, explored use cases, and networked with peers in these events designed for senior executives and decision makers, and there’s a forum coming to a city near you. Upcoming cities include the following stops:

Check out the Oracle Forums page for dates further into the spring and more Forum offerings.

Oracle launches and announcements around the world

Recently, we announced the general availability of the Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database, a fully managed OCI service available in data centers around the world. The Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database simplifies the deployment and management of distributed databases, provides transparent access for applications, and enables customers to immediately benefit from decades of innovation in performance optimization, RAC parallel clusters, converged database architecture, and security. To learn more about the Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database’s high availability, horizontal scalability, data sovereignty, autonomous management, and many other highlights, see our announcement blog.

We also announced the global availability of OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery in all OC1 regions. OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery orchestrates the transition of compute, database, and applications between OCI regions from around the globe with a single click. To see all the regions now available, see Announcing the availability of OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery in OC1 regions worldwide.

To continue the global theme, don’t miss the news that Oracle is planning to open a public cloud region in Nairobi, Kenya. This planned region underscores Oracle’s commitment to Africa and aims to help drive the digital transformation of the Kenyan government, public institutions, enterprises, startups, universities, and investors in Kenya and the continent. For more details, read the press release.

Gartner reports are in

We’re pleased to share Oracle’s scoring in the latest Gartner reports! It clearly isn’t the first time, as you can read in the following blogs:

See you next month!

Thanks for joining us for this latest update. Don’t forget to check back in April, and bookmark our What's New blog page and video playlist to stay up on all the news.

Kenna Kettrick

Program Manager

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