What's New: April 2024

April 26, 2024 | 3 minute read
Kenna Kettrick
Program Manager
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Welcome to our April update of news highlights, including links and resources for more reading. Don’t forget to bookmark the What’s New blog homepage for easy access to our monthly blog posts. Let’s round up the news!

Artificial Intelligence everywhere

We’re continuing our AI news with a recent announcement from Oracle and NVIDIA on our expanded collaboration to deliver sovereign AI worldwide. Oracle’s distributed cloud, AI infrastructure, and generative AI services, combined with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing and generative AI software, are enabling governments and enterprises to deploy AI locally, and within a country or organization’s secure premises.  Our unique ability to deploy cloud regions quickly and locally allows customers to take advantage of AI without compromising on security. Read more about our sovereign AI solutions in the full press release.

Looking to level up your own generative AI knowledge? We have a free course and certification for that: Oracle University’s new OCI 2024 Generative AI Professional Certification and Course. Building on OU’s AI Foundations Certification, this new course will give you a solid understanding of large language models (LLMs), help you develop proficiency in OCI Generative AI capabilities, and teach you to build a retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) chatbot. And the course and certification is free through July 31st, 2024.

And finally, for an overall strategy update on Oracle Generative AI, don’t miss the on-demand event from Greg Pavlik, SVP of AI at Oracle, alongside leaders from Deloitte and Intermedia, to learn how Generative AI at Oracle is changing how businesses modernize and drive growth. You can watch on YouTube here.

New database expansions and innovations

Oracle has expanded our Oracle Database@Azure footprint into Europe! You can now sign up for Oracle Database@Azure in the Microsoft Azure Germany West Central region.  If getting the best of Oracle and Microsoft in the cloud interests you, you can get more detail from our Oracle Database@Azure site.

In case you missed it, we’ve introduced Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers, which provides Autonomous databases for developers on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure and Exadata Cloud@Customer at no additional cost. Oracle Autonomous Database is an ideal database for developers, providing multi-model database capabilities for many types of data, many workloads, and typical developer interfaces, as well as free development tools such as Database Actions, Oracle Application Express (APEX) for low-code app creation, and Oracle REST Data Services. For more details, see the announcement blog.

And for an extra piece of news for developers: Java 22 is now available! JDK 22’s release offers new features along with performance, stability, and security enhancements. Oracle’s continued language and platform innovation addresses development productivity from on-prem to cloud. Download it here.

To close out, we have a new ebook: 10 Cloud Trends CIOs Must Track in 2024. Explore this year’s cloud landscape—and the breakout trends that promise to reshape it. And if you’re curious for more, we have other resources on our Cloud Strategies for the CIO page.

See you next month!

Thanks for joining us for this latest update. Don’t forget to check back in May, and bookmark our What's New blog page to stay current on all the news.



Kenna Kettrick

Program Manager

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