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January 2, 2023 | 24 minute read
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Week of 26th December, 2022

OCI provides high performance compute, storage, and networking to support a diverse set of AI workloads, from GPU-intensive model training and inferencing to general workloads such as scientific workstations, virtual desktops, and computer-aided design (CAD). Learn how this AI Infrastructure, along with AI and Machine Learning services, are helping customers do more with AI.

Oracle Data Safe, the unified control center for your Oracle databases, now provides the capability to schedule and automate audit reports. Check out this guide to automate report generation and ensure that your security compliance reports are ready when you need them.

Week of 19th December, 2022

Check out this tech preview to see how you can create and operate virtual data centers and allocate private cloud resources across different departments without the need for lengthy custom automation. OCVS' multi-tenancy or private SDDC services will allow you to configure a multicloud control plane for infrastructure and applications on OCVS and connect existing on-premises vCenter instances.

OCI Queue is a serverless, high-performance messaging solution for asynchronous interprocess communication that allows your services and applications to be decoupled and event-driven. The service includes an intuitive user interface for configuring, creating, and managing queues, along with Terraform support and REST APIs and SDKs for multiple languages.  The service is priced by API calls, with the first 1 million calls per month being free.

We're continuing one of the fastest expansions of any major cloud provider with our 41st global region and fourth in the U.S.! The Oracle Cloud Chicago Region offers industries across the Midwest a new option to locate their infrastructure, applications, and data for optimal performance and latency.

Week of 12th December, 2022

OCI Container Instances is a new managed service that removes the complexity of managing the infrastructure for your containerized applications. Unlike other cloud providers, you won't pay any additional charges for the serverless experience of OCI Container Instances. See how the price-performance of OCI Container Instances compares to Azure.

Extract text, tables, and other key data from document files through APIs and command line interface tools using this new AI service. With Document Understanding, you can automate tedious business processing tasks with prebuilt AI models, and customize document extraction to fit your industry-specific needs.

With the December release of GoldenGate you can now collect diagnostics to analyze or share information about your OCI GoldenGate deployment, launch the Admin Client directly from the Deployment details page, and upgrade to a new GoldenGate version for Big Data. 

Several new features in the latest release of Java Management Service (JMS) were added to help you gain greater insight into your Java workloads on Desktops, Servers, or Cloud deployments covered by an Oracle Java SE Subscription or when running on an OCI service that permits access to the underlying OS. Also, Basic JMS Discovery features that identify Java Runtimes and Oracle JDK usage are now available to everyone, including users who do not have a Java SE Subscription or running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Week of 5th December, 2022

Run Falconry's AI suite on OCI anywhere, for any level of security requirements, to get productive insights on time-series data. 

Use OCI Media Flow to encode and transcode videos into different renditions, containers, and formats, and stream them using OCI Media Streams. These OCI Media Services are cost-effective, scalable, AI-enabled, and API-rich to enhance new or existing applications with video content.

Get up and running quickly with OCI using landing zones - templated deployments of OCI services that incorporate Oracle's best practices. Make deployments consistent, repeatable, and scalable by placing workload components of enterprise landing zone configurations into a separate stack that you can deploy after the creation of the baseline stack.

Week of 28th November, 2022

Spend less time searching for problems and let Stack Monitoring help identify problems. Stack Monitoring’s Enterprise summary highlights areas of concern across an IT landscape, whether hosted within OCI, on-premises or another cloud, and provides key performance metrics to help identify the worst-performing or highest-utilized systems in an enterprise.

Test end-to-end connectivity using Network Path Analyzer in OAC after configuring Private Access Channel (PAC), Remote Data Gateway (RDG), Load Balancer and other supported scenarios.

Media Flow is a fully managed service for configuring content processing workflows that can be used to process video source content. With this update you can use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging to provide execution logs for the Media Workflow jobs.

Week of 21st November, 2022

You can now leverage a library of templates with a pre-built widgets to build your custom OCI dashboard.

Close your books faster by leveraging the performance and efficiencies of Autonomous Database on Exadata, in a secure and isolated Dedicated Infrastructure.

You can now configure Data Science notebooks to run applications interactively against Data Flow, OCI's fully managed Apache Spark service.

Week of 14th November, 2022

Leverage upgrades to Apache Hive, Spark, Hadoop and Trino with Oracle Distribution for Hadoop 2.0. BDS Spark service now supports Delta Lake 1.2.1 to provide an ACID enabled storage layer over cloud object stores.

Week of 7th November, 2022

Gartner recently released two key reports covering the major cloud infrastructure providers: The 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS) and the 2022 Critical Capabilities for CIPS. We’re pleased to share that OCI scored well in all criteria and use cases in the Critical Capabilities and was recognized as a Visionary.

Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure (ODSA) now makes it much easier for Azure users to provision, access, and operate MySQL Heatwave in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through a familiar Azure-like experience.

You can now view results of compute (host) scans using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service in the OCI Console or the Qualys dashboard.

Week of 31st October, 2022

Our 12th Interconnect Region directly connects OCI's Johannesburg region to Microsoft Azure's South Africa North region, allowing customers in Africa to combine the best of both clouds for a true multicloud experience.

We are extending our burstable virtual machine (VM) support to add Ampere A1 for Arm-based workloads for even greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Week of 24th October, 2022

Do you want to provide your solution on the public cloud but were constrained by industry, market, or regulatory and government requirements? Oracle Alloy is a new cloud platform that will allow you to offer a full set of cloud services with a tailored brand and experience, and package additional value-added services and applications to meet the specific needs of your markets and industries. You can also use Alloy independently in your own data centers and fully control its operations to help address specific regulatory requirements.

  • Announcing: New Compute GPU instances powered by NVIDIA A100 80GB and A10 Tensor Core GPUs

We’re excited to announce the launch of two new GPU Compute instances, GM4 and GU1. GM4 combines NVIDIA's A100 80GB Tensor Core GPU with OCI’s high-throughput, ultra-low latency RDMA cluster networking which allows you to scale to clusters of 512 NVIDIA A100 GPUs which will fuel the explosive growth in large AI model training and inferencing. GU1 is powered by the NVIDIA Ampere A10 Tensor Core GPU, with RTX Workstations for professional graphics. With 24GB of GPU memory per GPU, GU1 instances provide both compute and encoder/decoder capabilities in a compact and low power form-factor that is flexible enough to support a range of graphics intensive and AI workloads.

Are you intrigued by MySQL Heatwave's ability to combine transactional processing, analytics and machine learning with automation in a single high-performance MySQL database but wish it could access data in your object store? This new addition to MySQL Heatwave enables you to process and query hundreds of terabytes of data in object stores in a variety of file formats, such as CSV and Parquet, as well as Aurora and Redshift backups.

Do you enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of running container-based applications but not managing the infrastructure? In our efforts to simplify the operational experience we are excited to announce two new serverless options for running Kubernetes and containers. OCI Container Instances is a serverless Compute service that enables you to instantly run containers without managing any servers. Virtual Nodes, a new capability of Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), provides a complete, serverless Kubernetes experience that ensures reliable operations of Kubernetes at scale without having to manage any infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Full Stack Disaster Recovery is our first true disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution for OCI that provides comprehensive disaster recovery management for your entire application stack. This service manages the transition of infrastructure, platforms, and applications between OCI regions from anywhere around the globe with a single click. You can deploy disaster recovery environments without redesigning or redeploying existing infrastructure, databases, or applications while eliminating the need for specialized management or conversion servers.

A new feature to dynamically scale compute resources, Unlimited mode will enable continuous burst, which is essential for running enterprise workloads cost-effectively. With Unlimited mode, you pay for a fraction of the CPU that you’re using with the ability to continuously burst. This feature is planned to launch next year. 

Confidential Computing is a new offering on E3 and E4 compute shapes that leverages AMD's Infinity Guard features to encrypt data in memory. This adds to OCI's encryption of data at rest in Block Storage and Object Storage services, and in-transit with OCI Vault and OCI Certificates. Organizations looking for more ways to improve their security posture and reduce attack surfaces without application code changes can benefit from Confidential Computing.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Queue is a new fully managed serverless messaging service that automatically scales to meet your workload demand. OCI Queue can help decouple your applications and build an asynchronous event-driven architecture. Queue is currently in limited availability and will be generally available soon.

OCI Workflow service is a new serverless workflow engine with a graphical flow designer that enables developers and architects to accelerate the creation and processing of application and business logic, automated IT tasks, data jobs, and orchestration of cloud services such as OCI Functions, Object storage, API Gateway, Compute, and others. With OCI Workflow, creating composable applications is easy! OCI Workflow is initially available through the Limited Availability program.

The Oracle Database Zero Data Loss Autonomous Recovery Service is a new fully managed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service is based on the on-premises Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance technology and delivers protection capabilities for Oracle Database services running on OCI. The Recovery Service helps organizations meet the business-critical need to reduce ransomware risk, the financial requirements for improved operational efficiency, and user expectations for cloud service simplicity.

  • Announcing: two new security offerings for Fusion Applications

Cloud Guard Fusion Application Detector expands Cloud Guard beyond cloud security posture management for OCI to also monitor Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, providing a consolidated view of security policies. Available first for Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning, Cloud Guard Fusion Applications Detector provides pre-configured and customized configurations or “recipes” to monitor potential security violations in the applications. Web Application Firewall for Fusion further strengthens layer-7 security and safeguards both public and private facing Fusion Applications from incoming traffic, reducing associated risks.

  • Announcing: Enhanced Analytics for Fusion Applications, Oracle Analytics Cloud enhancements

With new capabilities in Oracle Fusion Analytics across CX, ERP, HCM, and SCM analytics, decision-makers now have a pre-built library of more than 2,000 best-practice KPIs, dashboards, and reports to monitor performance against strategic goals. The latest innovations in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) are designed to improve the productivity of business users by minimizing their reliance on IT, while still benefiting from curated data assets created by IT, such as the centralized semantic model. New advanced composite visualizations make it easier to interpret data, and AI/ML enhancements extend the ML capabilities in Analytics Cloud with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) cognitive services like AI Vision to enable processing of visual information.

Week of 17th October, 2022

This year's CloudWorld takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 17th through the 20th. Even if you're not with us in person you can still join digitally, anytime, anywhere. Live stream the keynotes and up to 300 sessions, watch Oracle TV, and enjoy on-demand content. Check back next week for highlights from Oracle's biggest event!

Week of 10th October, 2022

Oracle Cloud Migrations is a new service to provide a single, integrated self-service experience to migrate entire workloads in a predictable and testable manner. This initial launch supports asset discovery, recommendation, and migration capabilities for moving VMs running supported operating systems from VMware vSphere to OCI Compute. Additional features and migration from other hypervisors and cloud environments such as AWS EC2 VMs are coming soon!

Oracle has announced the availability of the latest version of Java. This release includes enhancements that make it easier than ever to write and maintain your Java applications. There is no extra cost for running Java production instances on OCI, so make sure to check out Java 19 as well as additional features like GraalVM Enterprise and the Java Management Service.

Oracle Linux 7 STIG images are now accessible and easily launched from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  These images are an Oracle Linux 7 implementation of the Oracle Linux 7 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) Benchmark Version 2 Release 8 and are scanned against its Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) benchmark profile.


Week of 3rd October, 2022


Data Integration provides a graphical, no-code design interface with interactive data preparation and profiling to design data pipelines. It supports both Spark ETL and ELT push-down processing to the database. With this new release, we expand connectivity to generic REST operators, support reading Excel files and more.

Support Center allows you to engage with OCI support teams from within the Oracle Cloud Console. With the new Attachment feature, you can easily add screenshots or other documents that help support to diagnose the issue, and shorten time to resolution.

Week of September 26th, 2022

OCI introduces a range of new capabilities that allows you to better serve multitenant clients and support authorization across multiple identity providers with dynamic authentication. Dig deeper into these features and more by reviewing the documentation.

You can now customize the columns of the Compute Instances page on the Cloud Console so you can see exactly the details you need without clicking into each instance's details page. 

Week of September 19th, 2022

AWS users can now run transaction processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning in a single database with MySQL Heatwave.  After our Azure partnership, we reinforce our multicloud strategy by offering revolutionary database MySQL Heatwave on AWS. Quoting Forbes: "HeatWave with MySQL Autopilot on AWS is a gift from the database gods."

The 40th cloud region for OCI has opened in Madrid. As with every other region in Europe, it's powered by 100% renewable energy. See the full map of OCI regions.

Week of September 12th, 2022

OCI innovates again with dynamic performance scaling for block storage - an industry-first capability available only in OCI. With this new update you can just rely on OCI to automatically tune your IOPS, throughput, and latency up or down for all your existing and new volumes based on your usage.

Week of September 5th, 2022

Our new OCI Lake in limited availability provides you with a unified experience that enables you to easily ingest, secure, and govern your data lakes. And OCI Lake comes out-of-the-box with pre-built connectors to your data on OCI, and the world’s data, so that you can accelerate your cycles from ingestion to analytics.

Our VMware solution is the only one that allows you to keep full control of your VMware license. Now a new round of capabilities have been released including the use of the latest 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors. Give it a try.

Week of August 29th, 2022

Do you like Cloud Advisor because it can identify inefficiencies and help improve security, but wish you could get it to work across multiple tenancies? With the new support for Organizations, Cloud Advisor users in a parent tenancy can now view recommendations at both the parent and child tenancy levels in an organization.

Are you concerned about the cost of compute resources to run your notebook sessions, jobs or model deployments? With new Flex shapes support in OCI Data Science, you can now customize your Intel or AMD VM instances in 1 OCPU and 1 GB memory increments to ensure a right-sized environment for your workloads.

Create and edit code files in 15 languages, including Java, Python, Docker, JSON, YAML, and Terraform, without leaving the Oracle Cloud Console. All the plugins for OCI services are already enabled and Git functionalities are embedded so you can start coding faster. 

Week of August 22nd, 2022

If you struggle identifying a routing issue or want to see an overview of your network topology and performance, OCI Network Command Center is for you. There, you'll find your Flow Logs, a network visualizer, a path analyzer, a virtual test access point (VTAP) as well as a inter-region latency dashboard, all in a single location.  

With the introduction of host capacity planning for OCI Compute instances, you can now identify CPU and memory requirements as well as forecast future needs based on past utilization. This new feature complements OCI Operations Insights for Oracle Database and Exadata instances, and expands capacity planning capabilities across your OCI estate. For more information about this feature and how you can use it, see our documentation.

Cloud Shell is easier to use and more versatile with the general availability of Private Access. Now you can use Cloud Shell to access any service on your private VCNs. Simply add the appropriate IAM policies, specify a private connection, and choose your private VCN and you'll be able to SSH into your private instances right from the OCI console. For more details, visit the Cloud Shell documentation page.

Access the latest Oracle Linux 9 cloud-ready image right from your OCI tenancy. And remember Oracle Linux is free to download, distribute and use--even in production--and has been since its release in 2006.

Week of July 25th, 2022

At Microsoft Inspire, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and Larry Ellison, Chairman and CTO of Oracle Corporation, announced the availability of the Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. Read more within the recently released technical overview and reference architecture.

Digital Media Services provide low-cost media processing and distribution on content to an OCI Object Storage bucket for VOD steaming and live video clipping.

Week of July 18th, 2022

OCI will be launching 2 new regions in Germany and Spain to help you align with key relevant regulations such as GDPR, including data transfer restrictions following the CJEU Schrems II ruling, and related guidance from EU privacy authorities. Operations and support for those regions will be specifically restricted to EU residents and specific EU legal entities. 

We’re pleased to announce that your Kubernetes pods can now natively be a part of your virtual cloud network (VCN). This way your pods get a routable IP address from the VCN CIDR, resulting in the same network performance as virtual machines with no additional overlay required. Complementing nicely the Flannel overlay network already in place.

Discover how you can deploy a GraphQL-based solution that scales to meet workload demands using the Apollo GraphQL server to receive the invocations and decompose the work to separate microservices hosting the resolver and mutator logic. 

Week of July 11th, 2022

Implement governance rules for your overall OCI environment with this step-by-step blog series like quotas, tags, and others.

Discover the benefits of the Palo Alto Networks CN-Series container firewall and how you can deploy it on OKE to protect your Kubernetes-based applications.

Growing numbers of remote users, devices, and machines can result in overprivileged accounts going unnoticed. Learn how a unified cloud IAM solution enables you to address identity sprawl and implement zero-trust security.

Week of July 4th

Many IT and security leaders today are faced with complex IT infrastructures and growing cybersecurity threats. Download the recent ebook to discover the five trends in cloud security that can help reduce complexity and strengthen cyber resilience.

This new reference architecture walks you through using the graph capabilities built into the Oracle Database - so you do not need a separate Graph database to analyze data connections for common use cases like customer trends insights, fraud detection, improved traceability in smart manufacturing, and more.

Learn how you can use Resource Manager to access private resources on OCI or on-premises

Week of June 27th

Since its launch, OCI Dedicated Region now requires 60-75% less data center space and power on average, with a significantly lower entry price: a starting usage commitment of approximately $1 million a year for a typical customer. This is a unique opportunity for you to benefit from all OCI services within your own premises. Learn all about it and watch the announcement event.

After going public in 2020 and seeing a huge burst in sales during the coronavirus pandemic, Albertsons needed a fast and cost-effective way to scale its human resource operations for the company's nearly 300,000 employees. They also required a secure method for external vs internal access. With its on-premises human resource (HR) applications nearing end of life, the $70 billion grocery giant decided to migrate those applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). See how Albertsons leveraged OCI for their PeopleSoft deployment here and drill down into more detail about the unique network configuration here.

Watch this short podcast episode where we chat with Ian Brunton, Engineering Manager, Red Bull Racing about their partnership with OCI and how data and a performant cloud helps win races!

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to use Terraform to create and configure OCI resources such as instance pools and load balancers, and to configure autoscaling rules based on key usage metrics.

Week of June 20th

For apps using HTTP, HTTPS or HTTP/2, you can now leverage the new caching and compression service for OCI load balancers to render your web app faster and decrease the load on your backend servers. 

Centrally manage usage across all your organization's tenancies, share subscription credits, and enforce common cost and governance policies.

The latest release of the OCI Big Data service boasts a slew of major features - including Autoscaling, support for AMD Flex shapes, preconfigured JupyterHub as well as Presto (Trino) that can be managed through Ambari, bootstrap scripts, patch management, and more.

This step-by-step tutorial walks you through installing Jenkins and setting up DR using OCI File Storage. This enables you to set up your Jenkins Controller with automatic failover to ensure reliable operations.

In this first in a series of Built & Deployed videos with Albertsons, we explore their footprint in OCI with and emphasis on their PeopleSoft deployment and the specifics of their multi-VCN architecture. See how they scaled quickly & cost effectively to meet pandemic demand with the help of OCI here

Week of June 13th

Cloud has evolved to the point that we are now living in a multicloud reality. Standards will help disparate clouds interact with each other much more easily and benefit the entire ecosytem.
Oracle is doing its part by following a Cloud Adoption Framework. Find out more about our updates here and see how we stack up to the competition here.

OCI new E4 DenseIO bare metal provides up to twice the number of cores - up to 128 cores, 2.5 times the memory - up to 2TB, and two times the networking - up to 100Gbps, compared to our previous generation of DenseIO2 instances. And with the newer generation of NVMe SSDs on E4 DenseIO, you get up to double the IOPS and 50% higher price-performance than DenseIO2 instances. E4 DenseIO supports both bare metal and our flexible compute virtual machine (VM) instances.

Find out how EZ Cloud reduced payment delays, and eliminated fraudulent transactions with their cloud-native A/P application on Oracle Cloud.

Check out the recent reference architecture to discover how you can deploy Microsoft Remote Desktop Services on OCI, providing a secured, HA environment for your users to be able to run their applications and desktops from the cloud.

 Our Karan Batta talks with Zoe Chilton, Head of Strategic Partnership, from Red Bull Racing about the latest on their partnership with Oracle to improve business efficiency and win more races.

Week of June 6th

Discover how Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and OCI Data Science to advance healthcare research in curing children’s cancer. OCI helps CMRI make the most out of their data while improving efficiencies 30-50%.

The 11th Interconnect region between OCI and Azure Cloud is now live in Singapore, providing a private, dedicated low-latency connection and identity federation for multicloud use cases.

Read how this new integration allows you to fully provision your FastConnect virtual circuits with Colt all from a single pane of glass from within the Oracle Cloud Console. This new integration is available for both private and public peerings.

Watch the short video to discover how APL Logistics leveraged OCI to accelerate digitization, and reinvent the user experience of their legacy application, cutting costs and improving time-to-market. Learn more.

Week of May 30th

Earlier this week, Oracle introduces Network Firewall powered by PaloAlto Networks, Oracle Threat Intelligence, Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector, Oracle Security Zones, and Oracle Cloud Guard Fusion Applications Detector.  Watch this short video to see a demo of all the new services and capabilities and learn more here.

License Manager is a free service that makes it easier for you to Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to OCI with the following capabilities: Automating the license portability from on-prem license to cloud, tracking license utilization, and reporting BYOL resources that have licensing needs.

The new API Usage Plans provide organizations with insights into how their APIs are used by their internal developers and across their external ecosystem. In addition to monitoring their usage, organizations can also unlock new revenue streams by monetizing their APIs with usage plans and subscriptions.

For Premier League, data is bringing fans closer to the game. By leveraging OCI Data Science, Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics, they are able to brag and root for their favorite players and teams in new and exciting ways. In fact, data was used as the key driver in two new awards added this year, Most Improbable Comeback and Most Powerful Goal. Billions of data points across the season were crunched to confirm the winners... and this is just the start! Check out how this is calculated here.

Week of May 23rd

Maven security scanning is now available as part of build pipelines in OCI DevOps service, as well as Helm chart deployments to Kubernetes clusters. We've also improved our other developer tools- with the new Interactive Mode in OCI CLI, and added BitBucket cloud support to the code repo (in addition to the available GitHub and Gitlab connectors).

Researchers in the University of Melbourne ingest, analyze and make predictions based on data from large volumes of Raspberry Pi edge IoT devices. Read this blog to discover their architecture, and watch the short video for an interesting example of running FoguBus2 on OCI, leveraging Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Machine Learning.

Week of May 16th

Easily ingest, search, visualize, and analyze data using OCI Search service for OpenSearch - high performant solution with none of the management overhead.

Multicloud architectures allow organizations to leverage the best services from each cloud along with consistent deployment and management of workloads across environments. Check out our recent article on TechCrunch, as well as the new multicloud reference architecture and offering to help you navigate the brave new world of multicloud.

PUNCH Torino, formerly the global center of excellence for General Motors (GM), is using OCI High-Performance Computing (HPC) to design, model and simulate the next generation of zero-emission engines. Watch the short video to discover the architecture for their solution for predicting flow distribution, pressure loss, heat transfer, and combustion, as well as their performance on OCI.

Accelerate diagnosing of any network issues with Virtual test access point (VTAP) - a new network troubleshooting service that automatically copies traffic that traverses a specific point in the network and sends it to a packet collector or network analytics tool for further analysis.

Watch the video to discover their architecture combining remote desktop server, Autonomous Database (ADB) and APEX.

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