Use Domain Governance to control shadow IT

March 31, 2021 | 2 minute read
Neal Myerson
Sr. Principal Product Manager
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Yes! No more one-off trials, no more shadow apps

From the start, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was built for complex IT organizations. That means that a tenancy has centralized visibility and control. Users could circumnavigate OCI's controls, however, by creating trial tenancies. Adding unsanctioned instances isn’t just a headache. It can ultimately increase the IT department’s costs.
Today, we close that loophole. With Domain Governance [service documentation], organizations gain more control over their Oracle Cloud environment in two new ways: by redirecting trial sign-up requests to central IT and by adding new users to existing tenancies instead of creating one-off trials. Built for enterprises, Domain Governance goes beyond the basics of blocking trial sign-ups and focuses on something every organization needs: connecting IT departments with end-users.

Don’t let shadow apps spawn

Now, by claiming a domain and turning on Domain Governance, no one in that domain may create any additional trials. When someone from your Domain attempts to create a trial, the attempt will fail, and we will notify you of the attempt.

Get started with Domain Governance

To get started with Domain Governance, access it from the main Oracle Cloud Console menu, under Governance and Administration.

From here, add each Domain that you own and provide an email. Any user trying to create a tenancy from each owned Domain will be denied with a message directing them to their internal contact for using Oracle Cloud at their company.  

Built for Enterprises

Blocking tenancies is one thing, but we understand that you need to be notified. We’ve got that covered, because Domain Governance is integrated with the Oracle Notification Service. We will subscribe the given email, and send emails by default when a user attempts to create a tenancy. Don't like emails? The Oracle Notification Service can use Slack or SMS.

Now turn on Domain Governance and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will block signing-up for trial tenancies (and upgrades) from domains you control.

To learn more about Domain Governance, read our service documentation.

Neal Myerson

Sr. Principal Product Manager

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