Upskill your government workforce’s cloud knowledge at scale with Oracle University

April 25, 2024 | 4 minute read
Kelly Crooks
Technical Writer
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An increasing number of enterprises and government entities are moving their workloads to the cloud. With this rise in the consumption of and reliance on cloud technology, so does the need for employees in tech to stay on top of in-demand skills. As one of the world’s fastest growing cloud service providers, Oracle Cloud understands the challenge of training and upskilling your workforce to keep up with today’s challenges and demands surrounding ever-evolving technology. With constant cloud innovation comes the crucial need to keep your workforce up-to-date with emerging trends and services. With all of these challenges in mind, Oracle University is here to help you with your training needs.  

Learning for every skill level

Oracle University is a training organization that develops and delivers expert-level training, learning tools, and certifications on Oracle products globally. Training in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), software as a service (SaaS), and databases is available for numerous job roles at every skill level to meet your specific training needs. Many of Oracle University’s self-paced courses, certifications, and pathways are available for free. Offered in a variety of formats, Oracle University’s role-based learning curriculum aligns with globally recognized certifications to specific job roles.

In addition to a comprehensive catalog of digital learning and live virtual classes, Oracle University offers in-application learning through Oracle Guided Learning, providing real-time support so you can accelerate your cloud adoption. Oracle University also leverages its extensive learning catalog to work with governments globally in programs that include unemployment and reskilling initiatives, workforce development, training for veterans, and more. Offering entry-level courses, the free Oracle Learning Explorer program is designed especially for those looking to begin their cloud journey. Those more experienced in cloud can choose from courses like OCI for AWS Architects or OCI for Azure Architects.

Oracle University also offers self-paced hands-on labs that give you firsthand experience in Oracle Cloud without the need for either an Oracle Cloud account or Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account. The following image is a snapshot of the Oracle University learning library.

Some of the topics covered in the Oracle University learning library
Oracle University learning library

Customize your company’s cloud training

If you’re a larger Oracle Cloud customer looking to take your cloud adoption and training to the next level, you can leverage the free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Program, a customer-branded training portal that offers fast and easy access to Oracle Cloud training and learning paths specific to job roles in all skill levels. The Learning Program provides access to an additional training administration portal, which tracks your employees’ learning globally, making it easy for administrators to see exactly what training is consumed and what achievements are unlocked.

An example Oracle Cloud Learning Program setup
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Program

Oracle also offers a Premium version of the Learning Program, where, in addition to the benefits already discussed, a dedicated Oracle program manager strategizes with you to customize learning paths and workshops for job-specific roles to align with your company’s training needs for a more seamless cloud integration. Along with customized online training portals, Premium members gain access to live workshops, courses, and additional certifications, further enhancing the employee learning experience. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Program Premium offers a truly unique cloud learning experience that empowers employees with the confidence to learn crucial cloud skills to accelerate success.

Oracle customers see results with Oracle University

Oracle Cloud customers see measured benefits from using Oracle University to train and guide their employees throughout the cloud adoption process. Read more about how customers and partners are using digital learning and certification to progress their business, accelerate cloud adoption, and increase productivity, while reducing costs and mitigating risks.

Resources for success

Oracle University offers resources beyond training and certification to elevate your learning experience. The Oracle University Learning Community, which boasts over 700,000 users, lets you connect with fellow users and stay up-to-date with news and announcements. You can read the Oracle University Learning Blog to gain additional insight into Oracle Cloud training. The Oracle University Podcast, hosted by Oracle experts, provides even more training on Oracle technologies with topics like, “Generative AI and Large Language Models.”


Oracle University offers a wide portfolio of courses, learning pathways, and certifications, making it easy for you to reskill or upskill your workforce at scale and accelerate your cloud adoption. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Program provides a customized learning experience for employees to learn crucial cloud skills. Whether you’re new to cloud or looking to advance your cloud knowledge, Oracle University’s expert-led training offers a variety of learning to suit your training needs.

Check out Oracle University to start learning for free today, or contact us to learn more about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Program.

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Kelly Crooks

Technical Writer

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