Three ways the intelligence community benefits from choosing Oracle Cloud

February 4, 2021 | 3 minute read
Rand Waldron
VP, Program Management
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Before joining Oracle about 18 months ago, I spent my entire career in a chair like yours. A former deputy assistant director at the FBI, I was responsible for enterprise software and data systems. Although I understood long ago that cloud computing is the future, agencies operate in a budget-constrained world. Sometimes, I faced difficult risk-reward decisions about moving to the cloud, such as re-engineering challenges to port legacy systems to the cloud and budget management concerns for data egress and dynamic cloud utilization.

Cloud choice means more competition to provide lower costs and better services

Now that I’ve been on both sides of the table, I know the following facts:

  • Oracle has an opportunity to change the cloud computing game by bringing more competition to the intelligence and national security market through competitive pricing, high performance, and enhanced security for their mission-critical classified workloads. The Oracle Government Cloud has multiple certifications for key security standards around the globe and trusted by more than 1,000 public sector organizations for their industry-leading technologies and superior performance. It’s no surprise that an increase in competition forces vendors to up their game and improve services and decrease costs. That’s exactly what Oracle intends to deliver.

  • Oracle offers everything, everywhere, and here’s what it means for intelligence community (IC) customers: All Oracle services are made available to IC customers in every service region. Other cloud competitors offer stripped down versions of their commercial cloud offering while charging a premium price. Oracle is taking a different track. These highly secured cloud regions offer all of our commercial products to intelligence and national security customers with the same functionality and price from day 1 for a complete, sustainable, and innovated cloud solution. Oracle is the only cloud provider with a fully integrated infrastructure to SaaS product suite, enabling turnkey solutions for your future cloud needs. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) also offers easier cloud migration for existing on-premises applications and consistently less expensive than our competitors.

  • Oracle prices its classified cloud regions the same as commercial OCI. Oracle Cloud provides you with industry-leading price performance with services that are one-quarter to one-half of the going rate for cloud infrastructure compared to competing cloud vendors. Today, our competitors mark up their commercial cloud prices for government regions with a higher price for unclassified government cloud and an even higher price for classified cloud services—for the same cloud infrastructure. With Oracle’s simple rate structures, OCI provides low predictable pricing across all regions and services allowing the customer to successfully plan their budgets and run their business without cost surprises. If you’re interested in estimating your low rate, we provide a cost estimator for you to configure the services that best fit your goals.

Oracle has created autonomous cloud technologies and services, such as infrastructure, database, Linux, and more on the way. This autonomous strategy is a major differentiator from competitors and allows intelligence agencies to innovate from emerging technology capabilities. Oracle database technologies have been on the market for more than 40 years. Many traditional database workloads have been built on Oracle technologies. If your agency wants to migrate to one of our cloud competitors, you might need to re-engineer your system.

With OCI, that application and database can be up and running in our cloud quickly and inexpensively, without rearchitecting it. For example, an impactful customer success story is the city of Jackson's water service billing system. Within six months of moving to OCI, the city avoided investing in capital costs, such as racks and having to maintain large capacity servers. The run time for batch processes jobs reduced from an average of five hours to 40 minutes, nightly, after moving to OCI. System uptime increased from 60% to 100%. The city collected $10 million more than the previous year because of more accurate and timely bills.

If you’d like to meet with one of our cleared consultants to discuss how Oracle Cloud can benefit your agencies, contact us at To learn more about Oracle National Security Solutions, visit Oracle National Security Cloud Solutions for the Intelligence Community.

Rand Waldron

VP, Program Management

Rand Waldron is vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure product development, responsible for the Global Government Sector team and leading the strategy, development and deployment of Oracle’s National Security Region product line.

Prior to joining Oracle in 2018, he was Deputy Assistant Director at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, responsible for the FBI’s enterprise software and data—including investigative and intelligence analytics, records and evidence management, large scale custom software development and business operations systems.

Prior to the FBI, Waldron served at the U.S.  Department of Justice.

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