Oracle CloudWorld 2023: Key announcements and highlights

September 23, 2023 | 5 minute read
Niharika Kalra
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform
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Last month at Oracle CloudWorld 2023, Oracle unveiled many transformative innovations in Generative AI that can be applied to enterprise needs. At its biggest annual cloud event, Oracle released a range of new products and updates to help solve today’s complex problems. Oracle also shared how we’re partnering with companies like Microsoft, NVIDIA and Cohere to offer complete and open solutions to its customers. CloudWorld 2023 also featured a lineup of great keynotes, breakout sessions, demos, and hands-on labs in collaboration with our global partner sponsors.

The technological innovations and product announcements have been categorized into seven news packages, representing a conglomeration of the innovations being announced.

Core infrastructure

Oracle’s core infrastructure addresses every customer workload with superior flexibility, security, and performance, all at the best price. At CloudWorld 2023, we announced more new Compute instances with the latest CPUs for general purpose workloads and GPUs for AI training and inferencing workloads. We also made announcements related to expanded partnerships to support new workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Distributed cloud

This CloudWorld 2023, we demonstrated our leadership in distributed cloud, deploying cloud services to specific locations with all the required controls to meet the widest range of regulatory and performance needs. We announced important new multicloud capabilities. Learn more about the first partner building cloud services on Alloy for its customers.


We announced new capabilities across Oracle’s portfolio of data services that can expand the Oracle Database “App Simple” strategy, provide new capabilities for MySQL HeatWave, enhance data integration capabilities, and introduce new open source solutions, enabling you to derive more value from your data and simplifying your operations.


We launched new capabilities that empower you, provide accelerated insights, and enhance opportunities for integration with Oracle solutions. We announced new products that continue to help business end users in new functional areas during Oracle CloudWorld 2023.

AI and ML

Learn about Oracle’s practical and pragmatic approach to artificial intelligence (AI), embedding it across its software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, delivering prebuilt models in Oracle Database and MySQL HeatWave, providing multiple ways to create custom machine learning (ML) models, and building low-cost and high-speed infrastructure. New partnerships with companies, such as Anaconda and NVIDIA, signal Oracle’s growth and commitment to an AI future.

Application development

At CloudWorld 2023, we shared our vision for the future of application development. We also introduced new and unique capabilities in OCI developer services, Java, and integrations. Learn how we’re upgrading the developer community experience by launching new tools, open source initiatives, and new ways for developers to connect, share, and collaborate.


We continue to release solutions across our portfolio of fundamental services, such as security, identity, manageability, compliance, and governance, enhancing the confidence of our customers to move their applications and workloads to the cloud. With security announcements such as Oracle Access Governance, Oracle is making security easier for customers to adopt. New management services, such as Oracle Fusion Applications Environment Management and OCI Fleet Management, can help you streamline the administration of OCI services and resources.

Want to know more?

During CloudWorld 2023, Oracle demonstrated how our continued innovation and investments are making complete technology ecosystem to help address today’s complex problems. Liked what you learned at Oracle CloudWorld 2023? Subscribe now!

Niharika Kalra

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform

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