Speed up bulk mail sending on OCI Email Delivery

April 2, 2024 | 2 minute read
Allan Yeung
Principal Product Manager
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We’re excited to announce a new API on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for bulk email submission. This API provides faster performance, eliminates configuration complexity, and, most importantly, enables increased rates of successful inbox placement. This capability is available in all regions and in Dedication Regions.

With the release of the HTTPS REST API for email submission, organizations and developers have a new option on OCI to add email sending capability to applications and webpages.

View the HTTPS REST API configuration

You can now view the HTTPS API configuration in the Oracle Cloud Console. In the Console search bar, choose Email Delivery. Select Configuration from the option list. Both the HTTPS and the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) endpoint details are displayed.

Configuration view showing the options for configuring the HTTPS REST API
Figure 1. View the configuration settings for submitting emails using the HTTPS REST API

Automate with your preferred language

The software development kits (SDKs) and OCI command line interface (CLI) now support the HTTPS API for email submission. You can now automate all actions to send email from the Oracle Cloud Console. You can also use your preferred language from the supported languages of Python, Java, .NET, Go, TypeScript, Ruby, and PowerShell.

The API includes getConfiguration functionality, which retrieves the endpoints for both HTTPS and SMTP. This functionality eliminates the need to look up the endpoints manually in the Console.

For more information on the CLI and SDK capabilities, view the email delivery API documentation for details on sending email, and the OCI Developer Guide.

Get started today

To learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery, see the following resources:

Allan Yeung

Principal Product Manager

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