Six reasons customers choose Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer over AWS Outposts

March 9, 2021 | 3 minute read
Brian Huynh
Product Marketing
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Bringing public cloud services to customer data centers is poised for hypergrowth. International Data Corporation (IDC) categorizes dedicated cloud service offerings that the service provider owns and manages, with the infrastructure on customer premises, as a local cloud as a service (LCaaS) offering.

LCaaS offerings, such as Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, enable customers to experience the as-a-service capabilities that public cloud platforms provide—anywhere.

The idea revolves around extending services from the public cloud into customers’ data centers, because of requirements in data sovereignty, security compliance, and latency. IDC forecasts revenue of $13B market in 2023, based on a four-year CAGR of 176%.

Bullish? Rightfully so. Many organizations want to have the tangible benefits of the cloud model while meeting specific requirements for data sovereignty, security compliance, and low latency. They also want cloud services provided and fully managed by the vendor, aligned to a pay-as-you-go model without large upfront CAPEX. But they don’t want their confidential information stored in the public cloud.

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer can meet these requirements more effectively than AWS Outposts which is a small subset of services, and requires upfront configuration commitments, and stores customer data publicly. Let’s explore why.


Meeting data sovereignty, residency, and security requirements

Customers meet data sovereignty and residency requirements because their workloads running on Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer never leave their data centers. Customers can also implement extra protection with Cloud@Customer’s comprehensive portfolio of security services. AWS Outposts send customer data to the AWS public cloud. Because AWS Outposts only has a small subset of its public cloud’s security services, customers’ data and workloads aren’t fully protected.

Complete set of cloud services on-premises

Customers of Cloud@Customer can implement a broad set of workloads to meet their business requirements using a complete portfolio of modern IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is the only solution to offer an integrated cloud experience for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, on-premises. Unlike Cloud@Customer, AWS Outposts support only a small subset of AWS services on-premises to support customer’s requirements.

High and predictable performance

Customers’ workloads run faster and predictably on Cloud@Customer because of its next-generation architecture with no oversubscription of compute, storage, and networking. Customers’ workloads run with variable performance on AWS Outposts because of resource oversubscription that leads to “noisy neighbor” performance issues.

Leading Economics: Low and Consistent Pricing

Customers spend less to run their workloads on Cloud@Customer than AWS Outposts. Oracle’s pricing is consistent across all regions while AWS’ varies. With Oracle, customers only pay for services they consume, based on the same predictable low pricing available in Oracle’s public regions. Customers can continue to use all existing Oracle tools, such as budgets, cost analysis, invoices, and usage reports, to monitor and audit usage of the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer region. On AWS, greater cost is associated with deploying AWS Outposts outside the U.S. For pricing and rate cards for Oracle Public Cloud, see Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Level Agreement (SLA).

End-to-end financially backed SLAs

Customers get a set of clear and measurable standard of predictability when their workloads run on Cloud@Customer. While Amazon has never declared SLAs for AWS Outposts, Oracle guarantees the performance, availability, and manageability of customers’ workloads with financially backed SLAs. For more information, see Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Deeper on-premises enterprise experience

Product features alone aren’t a substitute for deep on-premises experience. For decades, leading customers have trusted Oracle to deliver end-to-end solutions inside their data centers. Compared to Oracle, AWS lacks the decades of experience in running, managing, and supporting complete end-to-end solutions inside customer data centers. The latter is critical for enterprise customers who demand a cloud provider with a proven track record of meeting their on-premises, critical needs.

Forward perspective

Oracle is committed to enabling customers with the most competitive cloud solution offerings in support of their business requirements and modernization path forward. For our next post in the blog series, we spotlight how Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer meets data sovereignty and security requirements more effectively than AWS Outposts.

Learn more about how Oracle is transforming customer data centers with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. Join us on March 10 for a conversation about the value of harnessing the complete portfolio of public cloud services in your own data center. Register today for the Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit.

Brian Huynh

Product Marketing

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