A simple guide: OCI and Megaport are now integrated

August 31, 2021 | 5 minute read
Leandro Michelino
W/L Architect - Custom, 3rd party, VM Database & Apps – Multicloud
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In this post, I show you how to use FastConnect with Megaport using the new integration feature in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) dashboard. No need to switch pages and copy and paste anymore!

Why do you need Megaport?

Megaport enables direct and dedicated connectivity between data centers and cloud environments to negate the use of the public internet. This ability means reliable, secure, and low-latency connections between your main premises and your redundancy environment, whether a second data center or cloud environment.

The Megaport network lets you connect directly and securely to worldwide cloud regions, enabling you to distribute workloads and run applications from the optimal location. The Megaport global, carrier-grade network is directly connected to the networks of our cloud partners, otherwise commonly referred to as a network-to-network interface (NNI) connection.

With the Megaport network, you can achieve a seamless end-to-end solution to connect directly to major cloud providers, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Google, Azure, Salesforce Express Connect, and SAP HANA Enterprise cloud. Megaport offers the following benefits:

  • Multicloud ecosystem: Provision direct connectivity to multiple leading cloud and network providers on our ecosystem.
  • Multiple cloud regions: Connect to multiple cloud regions from a single interconnection point for cost-effective multiregion redundancy.
  • Cloud-to-cloud connectivity: Establish seamless connectivity between regions and cloud service providers without the need to own and manage physical infrastructure or bring multiple connections back to a data center.

What was the old way?

Before this feature became available, you had to switch between portals, copying and pasting information from both sides to make the connectivity happen. Now, you can provision it directly from the OCI Dashboard, thanks to the work of the OCI and Megaport teams.

What is FastConnect?

OCI FastConnect allows customers to connect directly to their OCI virtual cloud network with dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connections. Then, based on the amount of data, customers choose an appropriate port speed and pay a consistent, low price each month.

Before you begin

Perform the following actions in OCI:

Perform the following actions in Megaport:

When connecting to OCI through FastConnect with Megaport, the virtual cross connect (VXC) forms the Layer 2 component of the connection. Layer 3 BGP connectivity is established directly between you and Oracle.

Creating a FastConnect connection on OCI

Let’s configure FastConnect now. For these steps, you need to know the BGP IP addresses and the autonomous system number (ASN). Megaport provides this information.

1. Go to the Networking section.

2. Under Networking, click FastConnect.

3. Click Create Connection.

4. In the Create Connection dialog box, select FastConnect Partner, and then select Megaport Service.

Connection Type


5. Click Continue.

6. In the new Create Connection dialog box, provide the following information. The values provided here are specific to this example.

  • Name: Give the connection a name (in this example, Megaport-Integration).
  • Compartment: Select the same compartment that you want to create the FastConnect connection in.
  • Virtual circuit type: Private virtual circuit
  • Dynamic routing gateway compartment: Select the same compartment that you created for your network configuration (where the DRG was created).
  • Dynamic routing gateway: MegaportIntegration
  • Provisioned bandwidth: 1 Gbps
  • Customer BGP IP address:
  • Oracle BGP IP address:
  • Customer BGP ASN: 133937

A screenshot of the Create Connection page with the details filled in.


7. Click Create.


8. On the details page for the connection, you can see the Next Steps information. Click Complete Connection.


9. Now you can see the new integration feature! Enter your username and password for the Megaport Portal account.


A screenshot of the Megaport Login Information page.


10. If you did the Megaport configuration in advance, you can see the Configuration page in the OCI dashboard for the VXC circuits that you created. In this OCI region, Megaport offers two locations for high availability mode.

  • Connection Name: OracleMegaportIntegration
  • Megaport port: OracleIntegration (Port speed: 1 Gbps)
  • Oracle connection location: Select which PoP you want to establish the connection.
  • Connection rate limit (Mbps): 1000
  • Use VLAN tagging: Checked (if needed)

If you haven’t created the configuration, see Creating a Port.


11. Click Next. This last step confirms the provisioning phase.



After a few minutes and some background work from Megaport Portal, you can see your FastConnect connection working on the OCI dashboard. You did it without having to switch between platforms and copy-paste things!



We recommend using at least two FastConnect connections, primary and secondary, for a redundant architecture. You can also use it as active-active solution.

Now you can enjoy the best capabilities and bandwidth for your workloads on OCI using Megaport for multicloud deployments!


This post provided a simple process for creating a FastConnect connection on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using the new integration service between OCI and Megaport Portal.

For information about connecting to other cloud service provider virtual networks, see the instructions from Megaport.

Leandro Michelino

W/L Architect - Custom, 3rd party, VM Database & Apps – Multicloud

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