Service catalog: Applications need governance too!

May 10, 2021 | 2 minute read
Neal Myerson
Sr. Principal Product Manager
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Enterprises can struggle with managing internal applications, and to help we’re announcing the release of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)’s service catalog. The service catalog allows organizations to centrally manage applications and helps achieve consistence governance and compliance regulations.

Compliance made easy

Different roles require different applications, and these applications can have sensitive data. By creating multiple service catalogs, you can ensure that the right people use only approved applications. When the application has served its purpose, you can remove the application from circulation.

A screenshot of the Create Service Catalog window in the OCI Console.

No more hunting for applications

The service catalog empowers you by creating a curated list of applications in one place. No more sifting through emails for the link to the latest build or pinging co-workers for the latest data. By creating a service catalog, you can deploy your solutions in one location, where your users know exactly where to find them.

A screenshot of an example service catalog in the OCI Console.

Simplify governance

The service catalog allows you to manage applications for consistent compliance regulations. You can create private applications and offer only the latest version or only include Oracle Cloud Marketplace applications that follow your company’s policies.

Try it for yourself!

Create your service catalog today and gain some peace of mind. To learn more about service catalogs, read our service documentation.

Neal Myerson

Sr. Principal Product Manager

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