RSA Conference 2024: The Art of Possible

April 16, 2024 | 4 minute read
Maria Philip
Product Marketing Manager
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We’re fast approaching the annual RSA conference, taking place in San Francisco on May 6–9. This year’s theme is “The Art of Possible,” to drive cybersecurity excellence through collaborative experiences by embracing the power of community that ignites our drive and imagination, making the impossible seem more possible. 

Oracle has secured a meeting space at the W Hotel San Francisco, around the corner from RSA at Moscone Center. Our cloud security experts will be onsite to meet with you throughout the week. Get in touch, and our security experts will schedule a meeting to share how Oracle helps protect customer workloads with a security-first approach across the entire technology stack.

Over the past year, Oracle has been busy expanding and enhancing our product portfolio and our partnerships, to further strengthen the security posture and help our customers protect their data and operate their workloads in our cloud. Here are some of our highlights of recent announcements and news.

OCI Generative AI

Oracle recently announced the general availability of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI service. OCI Generative AI enables customers to add generative AI capabilities based on large language models (LLMs) to applications and workflows through simple APIs. The service provides LLMs from Cohere, a leading generative AI company for enterprise-grade LLMs, and Meta. Discover the use of AI across multiple industries, such as retail, healthcare, financial services, health sciences and more, through these 10 AI business use cases.

The OCI Generative AI service is available, on demand and through dedicated AI clusters, with the ability to use prebuilt or fine-tuned LLMs for your business needs. Customers can embed generative AI easily into their technology stack, with already existing tight data security and governance controls.

OCI Dedicated KMS

When it comes to data security, control over encryption keys is paramount. In January, Oracle announced the availability of OCI Dedicated Key Management (KMS). This service gives customers ownership of their cryptographic keys and the hardware security module (HSM) partitions that store them within OCI. Dedicated KMS is a fully managed, highly available, and single-tenant HSM partition.

This service provides exclusive access to and control over dedicated partitions within a physical, tamper-resistant HSM device, helping to ensure the isolation and protection of the encryption keys. Customers cryptographically claim their dedicated HSM partitions to gain full control over key generation, storage, and usage. These partitions are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, offering greater level of security for key management.

Oracle Access Governance optimizes identity orchestration

In the latest service update, Oracle Access Governance introduced new capabilities that focus on identity orchestration and integrations enhancing the speed and ease of application onboarding.

Oracle Access Governance is a cloud-native Identity Governance and Administration solution that provides organizations with a user-friendly overview of workforce and end user access to digital resources. It empowers organizations to evaluate the necessity of access permissions and monitor the utilization of entitlements.

Oracle Access Governance streamlines identity orchestration by offering an extensive array of generic and specialized integrations right out of the box. It offers downloadable, container-based agents tailored for systems operating behind enterprise firewalls and API-based direct integrations for cloud services and systems in public domains.

Oracle and NVIDIA to deliver sovereign AI worldwide

We have announced an extended collaboration with NVIDIA to deliver sovereign AI capabilities worldwide. The work aims to combine Oracle’s leading cloud infrastructure with NVIDIA accelerated computing and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, including the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework, to empower organizations globally with secure and scalable AI solutions. Utilizing NVIDIA’s AI expertise and Oracle’s robust cloud platform, the collaboration seeks to address the increasing demand for AI-driven innovation, while supporting data sovereignty and security.

This collaboration can help accelerate AI adoption across various industries, enabling organizations to better harness the potential of AI for driving business growth and innovation.

Continued innovation with Oracle Database@Azure 

Since the announcement of Oracle Database@Azure last year, further expansions have been made in our partnership with Microsoft, including its arrival in EMEA

This offering delivers Oracle database services running on OCI inside Azure data centers and gives customers more flexibility in where they run their workloads. Customers can seamlessly migrate and run their mission-critical Oracle Database workloads on Azure, where they can access the rich set of technology needed to accelerate innovation and compete more effectively, while also simplifying management and reducing costs. Oracle database services in Azure are designed to offer high levels of performance, scale, security, and availability.

Customers can run cloud-native applications with direct access to data in Oracle Database@Azure with the same security and compliance controls across the entire solution. So, they can deploy a layered security strategy using built-in cloud identity and access management and data security services with the ability to seamlessly integrate with Azure.

See you at RSA

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, Oracle remains committed to providing our customers with best-in-class solutions that address the most pressing security and technological challenges of today and tomorrow. We’re anticipating yet another successful RSA conference, so send us an email, and a security expert will schedule a meeting during the conference!

Maria Philip

Product Marketing Manager

Maria Philip is Product Marketing Manager for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security. She's driving the overall Go-To-Market strategies, product messaging, launch plans and launch execution for Oracle OCI Security. With a passion for Tech, people and culture she fosters cross-functional team collaboration to develop Go-to-Market strategies and drive product adoption. She has a background in business consulting and program management.

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