It’s here—Red Hat OpenShift on OCI!

May 7, 2024 | 3 minute read
Kevin Bogusch
Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst
Suresh Patibandla
Sr. Principal Product Manager
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It feels like ages, but it was just a few short months ago at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 that we announced that Red Hat OpenShift was coming to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). That time is now. We’re thrilled that Red Hat OpenShift is validated on OCI.

What customers asked for

Customers are always looking for ways to take advantage of the cloud with their workloads. We believe that OCI is the best cloud for enterprise workloads—those mission-critical applications that demand security, availability, performance, and even sovereignty. Previously, we identified a major ask from our customers: Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on OCI. While this request might seem odd, given market realities, our focus is on the customer. We delivered Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), certified on numerous OCI Compute virtual machine (VM) shapes in January 2023. Following this offering came RHEL certification on bare metal shapes. You can see the current certifications in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

But our customers challenged us again. They wanted to bring their Red Hat OpenShift workloads to OCI. Red Hat OpenShift provides a complete application environment that enables a consistent experience for applications, regardless of the underlying platform. Our mutual customers have invested time and resources in configuring and running Red Hat OpenShift. They want to take those workloads and bring them to OCI to take advantage of OCI Compute flexible machines, autotuning block storage, lower data egress costs, and powerful Autonomous Database.

Challenge accepted and completed. And we did it on OCI Distributed offering, so this feature applies not only to OCI’s public cloud regions, but Sovereign Region, Dedicated Region, and Oracle Alloy. You can run it where it you need it.

Red Hat OpenShift on OCI

Red Hat OpenShift versions 4.14 and 4.15 are validated on OCI Compute virtual machines. Like RHEL, we’re working on validating bare metal shapes as a fast follow. We’ll let you know when they’re available.

Red Hat OpenShift is validated on the same VM shapes that are also certified for RHEL. You can see the current RHEL certifications in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. RHEL is also certified for bare metal, but Red Hat OpenShift isn’t certified on bare metal yet.

Red Hat OpenShift on OCI is customer-installed and customer-managed. Customers can choose from multiple installation methods, including Red Hat OpenShift Assisted Installer, command line, and agent-based, which enables installation in air-gapped environments. Oracle provides Container Storage Interface (CSI) software that enables OCI storage integration with Red Hat OpenShift and Cloud Control Manager (CCM) software that enables API interoperation between OCI and Red Hat OpenShift platform.

 The following editions of Red Hat OpenShift are validated on OCI:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine

Like RHEL, Red Hat OpenShift is supported on OCI by both Oracle and Red Hat. We’ve established a transparent and seamless process to coordinate on support issues that might require both software and platform support.

Try for yourself

Get started with Red Hat OpenShift on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We’re excited for customers to bring their extended workloads, including Red Hat OpenShift environments, on to the cloud built for enterprise applications. Find more information in the documentation.

Kevin Bogusch

Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Suresh Patibandla

Sr. Principal Product Manager

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