Power Your Business Decisions with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud

June 8, 2023 | 5 minute read
Gloria Lee
Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)
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We constantly hear that data is the lifeline of all business, regardless of industry, region, you name it. But is that true? Isn’t it the information that you get from the data that runs the world?  Data is crude oil, while information is refined oil. You can’t do anything with crude oil until it’s processed and transformed into usable material.

The information you get from this data makes you either a frontrunner or struggling to keep up with the competition. I want to ensure that I get the most of my data to stay in the lead. The best way to do that is with predictive analytics on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Predictive analytics with Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud

Predictive analytics is the use of statistics and modeling techniques with historical and current data to predict future outcomes and take proactive measures based on those predications. Predictive analytics utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to look at all possible scenarios without human interference.

The importance of data spans all industries, and where data is exists the opportunity to gain more information and business insights through predictive analytics. Companies are turning to predictive analytics to better understand customers, reduce risks, eliminate inefficiencies, streamline operations, enhance productivity, increase revenue, and other industry specific use cases, detailed in their own section later in this post.

Predictive analytics doesn’t have to be confined to the realm of mathematicians and statisticians, just like enterprise data management doesn’t have to be confined to database administrators and IT infrastructure teams. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) enables your line of business (LOB) experts and business analysts the power to find value from the data all on their own using Autonomous Data Warehouse on Dedicated Exadata Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Analytics Cloud. With Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can maximize the value of your data capital, meaning more information, faster, enabling your business to act more rapidly, at significantly lower cost.

Reference architecture 

By combining Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated, a fully automated cloud database service on dedicated Exadata Cloud Infrastructure, and Oracle Analytics Cloud, a cloud native service that provides the capabilities required to address the entire analytics process from data ingestion and modeling, you can immediately get valuable insights into your data. How does this system work? Let’s look at the high-level reference architecture.


A graphic depicting the reference architecture for a deployment using Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Platform.
Figure 1: Reference Architecture for Predictive Analytics on OCI with ADW-D and OAC. 

Depending on your data source, you can have different ways to ingest it into Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated. For real-time data, you can stream it using OCI Streaming (1A). Otherwise, you can use OCI Object Storage (1B) for building an external table or copying directly into Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated.

When your data is loaded inside Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated, you can use Oracle Analytics Cloud to provide data analysis and visualization. Oracle Analytics Cloud utilizes Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated by enabling users, regardless of data science knowledge, to perform predictive analytics and data visualizations. The on-demand, intuitive self-service capabilities of Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud empower each business unit to get deeper insights without the need of a data scientist or data engineer. It gives them greater accountability and transparency for more strategic data-driven decisions, continuous improvements, and increased productivity.  

Industry use cases

How can predictive analytics help you? Use cases span all industries. Let’s look at a few examples starting with the retail industry. Customers are the backbone on which retail businesses thrive, and that’s why you want to ensure that you’re getting new customers while keeping your loyal ones here and happy. By using predictive analytics, you can uncover information like how much can sales go up if you lower the price by X or how a sale at Y time can affect business. Knowing all this information is crucial so that you can plan accordingly. Now, you can ensure that your marketing budget is correctly distributed to the customers with the lower recency, frequency, monetary (RFM)-scoring customers. This planning lets you decrease customer churn, while increasing customer loyalty.

Next, we have the financial services industry. Fraudulent credit card activity has caused tens of billions of dollars’ worth of financial loss, so we want to ensure that this number doesn’t keep increasing. By using predictive analytics to analyze past data, trends, and variables, merchants can build smarter fraud score algorithms and models. With these smarter and better models, they can better detect anomalies from normal patterns, preventing fraud and improving customer experience by eliminating false positives in fraud detection resulting in the cancellation of valid transactions.  

Finally, we have manufacturing. You want to get the maximum lifespan and performance for your equipment with minimal downtime. Here, predictive analytics comes in. Using historical and real-time data on breakdowns, performance, and real-time internet-of-things (IoT) metrics, you can predict equipment failures and schedule maintenance activities more appropriately, monitor the machine performance, and automate this process. To learn more, check out Plant predictive maintenance with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Get started today

Regardless of industry, your experience with data science, or whatever other limitations you think you have when it comes to predictive analytics, Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud is the perfect combination for you. You can take the massive amount of data you have and extract the information you need to make better and more informed business decisions to give you that competitive edge.

Why not try it out yourself? See first-hand how predictive analytics works on OCI with Autonomous Data Warehouse Dedicated and Oracle Analytics Cloud. Ensure that you’re not getting left behind but leading the charge.

Try out Autonomous Database Dedicated yourself with Oracle LiveLabs, a way for you to get hands-on experience and build up your technical skills. When you feel ready to explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, get unlimited services like Autonomous Database with the Always Free Tier.


Gloria Lee

Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)

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