Pexip benchmark exercise on Oracle Cloud reveals a doubling of HD video calls at roughly half the compute price

May 19, 2022 | 2 minute read
Laurie Hines
OCI Specialist Director, Centre of Excellence, Oracle, EMEA
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Pexip is a leading provider of enterprise video communications and has been delivering high-quality, secure video to large public and private sector organizations across the globe since 2012, including organizations such as the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), New South Wales Health, Accenture, and Nvidia. Pexip’s scalable platform enables high-quality video meetings, with enterprise-grade security, and is easily adapted and customized to fit customer IT requirements and existing infrastructure. Pexip offers on-premises, hybrid, and as-a-service deployment options for enterprise video conferencing, built on their core Infinity technology. Pexip products are sold and deployed through a network of over 300 channel partners in 75 countries

Oracle has been working with Pexip on a performance benchmarking exercise with the Pexip Infinity software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Terje Vernly, senior director of technology at Pexip, was keen to test compute options in the form of new Flex Compute shapes and OCI’s ultra-low latency non-blocking network.

Big results with OCI

Vernly tested Oracle’s Intel Ice Lake and AMD E4 Flexible Compute and experienced twice the expected number of high definition (HD) video calls per VM node. Vernly said that the benchmarking couldn’t have gone any better.

Oracle’s Flexible E4 Compute allows users to customize each instance to the exact number of cores (1–64) and memory (1–64 GB per core and up to 1,024 GB total per instance).

Another key benchmark was the network latency of the cloud platform. Extensive testing of large, distributed video conferences was performed across multiple geographic regions. Examples of the latency were 0.1 ms Amsterdam-to-Frankfurt and 3.1ms Amsterdam-to-Ashburn/US East, which delivers low-jitter, stable, and consistent performance of HD video calls among Pexip customers.

After this successful performance benchmarking exercise, Pexip has certified OCI as a deployment option for customers and channel partners. The performance benchmark revealed a doubling of HD video calls at roughly half the compute price, comparing Compute Pay As You Go (PAYG) list price on OCI with three-year commit pricing on other hyperscaler cloud platforms.

Looking ahead

Pexip plans to test ARM Ampere cores to investigate linear vertical scaling performance at a low compute cost. Pexip is working with the EMEA high-potential industry team to innovate on telehealth projects, and with strategic customer engagements.

If you want to learn more how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is helping other business like yours, visit our Media and Streaming site.

Laurie Hines

OCI Specialist Director, Centre of Excellence, Oracle, EMEA

Laurie works for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure EMEA Centre of Excellence. He specialises in supporting customers with demanding workloads, such as Startups and Scaleups in emerging high-growth industries.

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