Introducing Oracle Universal Authenticator for secure and seamless access

May 13, 2024 | 3 minute read
Pavana Jain
Vice President, Product Management
Edward Lu
Senior Principal Product Manager
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In the current digital landscape, businesses face the challenge of defending against evolving threats while ensuring a seamless user access experience from various devices. Oracle’s latest offering, Oracle Universal Authenticator, addresses this paradigm. Designed for both modern and legacy systems, it simplifies the single sign-on (SSO) experience, enhancing the user access experience to entitled applications across multiple device endpoints.


Oracle Universal Authenticator

Oracle Universal Authenticator facilitates SSO with multifactor authentication (MFA) and passwordless authentication options. Oracle Universal Authenticator also bolsters security by supporting modern adaptive authentication methods. This functionality enables organizations to enhance security across diverse devices and applications, whether on-premises or in cloud.

The following steps provide an overview of the core functionality of Oracle Universal Authenticator:

  1. Log into the devices using one set of credentials.
  2. Step up authentication with device-level MFA or go passwordless.
  3. Get SSO access to all entitled applications.
  4. Manage devices, users, and authentication rules from a central administrator console.
Oracle Universal Authenticator central administration workflow.
Figure 1: Oracle Universal Authenticator SSO flow


Oracle Universal Authenticator offers the following key capabilities:

  • SSO experience: One set of credentials grants access to devices, improving productivity and user satisfaction with less time spent on login procedures and password recovery. In this release, we provide support for Windows-based devices and all applications protected by Oracle Access Management.
  • MFA or passwordless authentication support at device level: In this release, out-of-the-box MFA factors include time-based one-time password (TOTP) with a mobile authenticator, push notifications, one-time password (OTP) with SMS, email, Yubico OTP, and hardware token.
  • Sensitive application protection: For sensitive applications like finance and HR apps, Oracle Universal Authenticator uses Oracle Advanced Authentication and Oracle Adaptive Risk Management to further protect mission-critical applications with a risk-aware and adaptive layer of the MFA authentication process.
  • Centralized administration console: The web-based admin console centralizes user and device registrations, enabling administrators to ensure consistency across the enterprise effortlessly. With streamlined management, enforcing and updating device security policies and access rights is straightforward, enhancing compliance and control measures.  Administrators also can monitor device login activities and update more security policies as needed.
  • Self-service portal: Oracle Universal Authenticator includes a user-friendly, self-service portal, accessible anytime and anywhere, empowering users to autonomously configure and oversee their device-specific MFA and passwordless options. By placing control in users’ hands, administrators can reduce their workload.
  • Customization: Oracle Universal Authenticator supports customizing the login screen with logos and layouts, making it flexible to unique customer requirements.



Oracle Universal Authenticator offers a robust solution for enterprise security and user access management. With a focus on simplifying SSO and supporting modern adaptive authentication methods, Oracle Universal Authenticator enhances both security and user experience.

Key features, such as MFA and passwordless authentication at the device level, provide flexibility and adaptability to diverse security needs. Integration with Oracle Advanced Authentication and Oracle Adaptive Risk Management further strengthens protection for sensitive applications.

The centralized administration console and self-service portal streamline device and user management, enabling administrators to enforce security policies and monitor activities efficiently. Customizable options allow organizations to tailor the user experience to their specific requirements.

Overall, Oracle Universal Authenticator addresses the evolving security challenges faced by businesses in the digital age, offering a practical solution for ensuring security and usability across various endpoints and applications.

To learn more, visit our Oracle Universal Authenticator documentation.

For more information, visit the following resources:

Pavana Jain

Vice President, Product Management

Edward Lu

Senior Principal Product Manager

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