Oracle and NVIDIA present: Women changing the AI experience

November 6, 2023 | 4 minute read
Mari Messinger
Senior Program Manager
Randa Hinton
Partner Marketing Manager at NVIDIA
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Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO sharing closing remarks during the SIGGRAPH Conference in August

At the Women Changing the AI Experience reception at the SIGGRAPH Conference in August, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang spoke to the importance of diversity in tech — and its current lack in the workplace, limiting data diversity in the field of machine learning.

But who gets to influence generative artificial intelligence (AI)? How do we ensure that this monumental force is not only used for the good of everyone but to inclusively serve all? These questions are still unanswered, even as they become more critical.

Recently, Oracle and NVIDIA hosted a series of events gathering women in AI to discuss how these questions impact and influence their lives and careers and how being a woman working in a predominantly male industry has given them a unique perspective. More of these events are on the calendar already; read to the end to see how you can attend and be involved.

Women in AI Panelists at Oracle CloudWorld in September

The series’ previous speakers were asked questions such as:

  • How has gender diversity in AI development positively impacted the creation of more inclusive user experiences?
  • In your experience, what are some key challenges or barriers you face in the AI development space, and how can addressing these challenges lead to better user experiences for diverse communities?
  • What advice would you offer to people in the industry interested in pursuing a career in AI and those advocating to bring more women into the industry?

Women in AI Panelists at SIGGRAPH Conference in August

Anima Anandkumar, senior director of AI research at NVIDIA and Bren Professor at Caltech, stated, “Early on, with all the work in looking at social bias in models —  text and image — there needed measuring based on testing and that was being led by women and people of color.”

Julie Choi, former chief marketing and community officer at MosaicML, noted, “Having worked in AI for over a decade now, it’s very sobering noting that the percentage of women in the ML practitioners’ field is around 15%. I joined MosaicML as the fifth employee. I addressed this with our CEO. We have to do better. It’s still so hard. We will have to do better. Even after 10 years later, we’re still seeing that low number.”

“I have two daughters. I’ll tell you what I tell them: Be a creator and a maker, not just a user, of technology,” Kari Briski, VP of AI software product management at NVIDIA, stated while speaking to how more women can get involved in AI and advance their careers. “So, if you want to get into the field, I would say there are so many ways to engage with software now and create your own applications.”

“I’m really excited about the tech roadmap here and what is going to happen over the next months and years,” said Laura Moss, head of finance at Cohere. “Businesses will be able to use this technology, including Oracle’s generative AI services, to solve real problems in the world.”

“I think the common theme is community, not only with women, but with men and people with diverse backgrounds. We all need to contribute to having a more inclusive experience,” Sara Chen, regional sales manager of NACI AI & ML at Oracle, shared during her closing statement.

Denay Solis, Oracle and Randa Hinton, NVIDIA with closing remarks at OCW 2023

Learn how women are changing the AI experience

“Events like this are so important,” said Julie Choi. “We are here together to raise awareness, not only of the number of women that aren’t in AI, but the contributions of women and people of color to AI. To address this, we need to show and build companies that are diverse.”

With how fast the AI industry is, you won’t want to miss any of our great panelists or upcoming sessions. You can connect with other like-minded women and allies in the field through networking and learning more about the industry. We offer opportunities to foster conversations and join a welcoming community—and to savor the full experience in fun atmospheres with tasty bites. It’s a perfect break during conferences. Whether you’re an AI developer, data scientist, product manager, product marketer, or business leader, we encourage you to attend any of our upcoming events. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Attendees at Oracle CloudWorld in Vegas

Our next event is Wednesday, November 15, at 7 p.m. MT during SuperComputing (SC23). RSVP promptly because the event is invite-only and space is limited.

Join our Women in AI series to dive into how gender diversity in the AI development space can create a more inclusive user experience. During the discussion, you can hear from some of Oracle’s AI leaders and clients, followed by a short Q&A session.

Mari Messinger

Senior Program Manager

Randa Hinton

Partner Marketing Manager at NVIDIA

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