Oracle and Microsoft bring Oracle Database@Azure to Europe

March 14, 2024 | 3 minute read
Ravi Turlapati
Head of Strategic Products and Growth, OCI
Brett Tanzer
Vice President Azure Solutions & Ecosystem, Microsoft
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Oracle and Microsoft are excited to announce that customers can sign up for Oracle Database@Azure in the Microsoft Azure Germany West Central region in Frankfurt. This addition marks the debut of Oracle Database@Azure in Europe and the second region after Microsoft Azure East US general availability in December 2023. 

To meet growing demand from customers, this year Oracle Database@Azure will further run in the Microsoft Azure Australia East, Brazil South, Canada Central, Central US, France Central, Central India, Italy North, Japan East, Southeast Asia, South Central US, Sweden Central, UK South, and the United Arab Emirates North cloud regions. The continued global expansion gives customers more options for their primary workloads and disaster recovery strategies. This brings the total planned multicloud availability footprint to 15 regions globally.

A global map of Oracle Database@Azure’s regions as of March 2024

By choosing Oracle Database@Azure in Frankfurt, businesses in EMEA can more easily meet the performance, compliance, and business continuity needs of their critical enterprise workloads in a region near them. Oracle and Microsoft have designed a robust joint solution, including Oracle Exadata Database Service on Oracle Database@Azure, designed to meet these requirements head-on, offering the highest possible performance, scalability, and resilience. This includes local high availability clustering (Real Application Clusters), Exadata’s high performance architecture, and the ability to deploy across multiple availability zones.

The cross-availability zone architecture using Oracle Data Guard for standby with local backups on both primary and standby provides high availability and comprehensive data protection for unplanned outages, including data corruption, database failure, and site outage. Mission-critical production applications that require quick recovery time and zero or minimal data loss for all database and system outages and planned maintenance activities will benefit from the capabilities included in Oracle Exadata Database on Oracle Database@Azure.

What Oracle Database@Azure does for businesses

Oracle Database@Azure offers businesses the opportunity to migrate and modernize their existing enterprise workloads to Microsoft Azure. For organizations that use Microsoft Azure for cloud-native application development, they can integrate Microsoft Azure services, such as Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes with Oracle Database@Azure.

Customers can purchase Oracle Database@Azure on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with a private offer. This method enables customers to manage their consumption as part of their existing Microsoft Azure bill. Businesses can also use Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC), Oracle unlimited license agreements (ULA), bring your own license (BYOL), and Oracle Support Rewards. Oracle and Microsoft provide collaborative support, making Oracle Database@Azure a comprehensive solution for your database needs.

Want to know more?

To learn more, visit  learn more about Oracle Database@Azure.

Join us at Oracle CloudWorld Tours in Milan (March 21), Sao Paulo (April 4), Singapore (April 16), Tokyo (April 18), and Mexico City (April 25), where you can learn more about Oracle and Microsoft’s multicloud strategy and hear the latest customer experiences. 

For more information, see the following resources:

Ravi Turlapati

Head of Strategic Products and Growth, OCI

Ravi leads Product, GTM, and Solutions Architecture Functions for OCI’s Key Strategic Initiatives such as Oracle Database@Azure, Oracle Cloud VMWare Service, and more. In the public cloud domain, Ravi also led product efforts at AWS and helped ship two AWS services - Amazon DevOps Guru, and AWS Data Exchange all the way from concept to public launch. Before AWS, Ravi worked in Investment Banking Technology encompassing Derivatives trading platforms, Foreign Exchange, Equities, Hedge Funds, and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) systems.

Brett Tanzer

Vice President Azure Solutions & Ecosystem, Microsoft

Brett Leads Product Management for the Azure Solutions & Ecosystem Team at Microsoft. AS&E accelerates customers’ journey to the cloud for mission critical workloads like Supercomputers in Azure, Mainframe transformation services, private cloud infrastructure like Azure VMware Solutions, Epic, Oracle, and other very large systems. Brett has been an IT professional at Microsoft for nearly 30 years, working primarily in the areas of cloud Infrastructure, Security, and Productivity systems. At Microsoft, he has led Program Management for services like Microsoft Live ID, Office365 Information Protection, Microsoft Azure HPC, and many others.

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