Oracle makes building applications on Ampere A1 Compute instances easy

May 25, 2021 | 5 minute read
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Arm architecture is coming to servers in a big way. Our Ampere A1 Compute instances give developers access to this industry-wide change. At Oracle, we believe that our developer community deserves a complete ecosystem of support to embrace it. The only way to know if Ampere A1 Compute shapes are right for you is to try them.

It’s easy to get started. You can sign up for an account on Oracle Cloud Free Tier and provision your Ampere A1 resources today. You can use your trial account to deploy a Kubernetes cluster using OKE and run an entire solution. Try our Kubernetes tutorial.

To support the new Ampere A1 Compute instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle has created an Arm developer ecosystem to enable developers to seamlessly transition, build, and run applications on OCI Arm instances. The high performance of the latest Ampere processors opens new opportunities for server applications. As developers, you have lots of questions and little time to stay ahead of the wave of Arm technology sweeping into data centers.

To facilitate a fast and friction-less transition to Ampere A1 instances, we’ve created an ecosystem of free cloud resources, tools, and support to accelerate your time to learn, test, and scale server apps on this exciting new platform. The go-to place for developers is our Arm Developer Portal. This site has links to all of our Arm developer ecosystem resources.

Use the Oracle Cloud Free Tier to build an Arm sandbox and to experiment

We’ve worked hard to provide the tools and information that you need. You also need the resources to try A1 Compute instances yourself. So, we’re providing an Oracle Cloud Free Tier offering with the largest free Arm capacity in the industry to enable you to build and test meaningful apps (not just “hello world” demos). You can sign up for a Free Tier account to access generous free A1 Compute resources to prototype entire solutions and benchmark them for optimal performance.

Need more? We are also providing the Arm Accelerator for those who need to test and build on Arm at scale.

Are you wondering what workloads to try on Arm? The latest Ampere processors used in OCI run most server workloads more efficiently than legacy processors. Some examples of what people are running on Arm servers include Kubernetes orchestrated (OKE) containerized workloads like Nginx, Redis, memcached, MySQL, ML inferencing such as BERT, media encoding such as x264, and HPC.

Have confidence that your favorite tools work

You can use your favorite tools with confidence when building on Ampere A1 Compute instances. We’ve tested popular developer tools, including Java SE, GraalVM EE, Instant Client, Maven, Eclipse, Terraform, Buildah, and Ansible, to ensure that they work with Ampere processors. You can quickly find these tools on Oracle’s Works on Ampere A1 Compute page or install the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image. Check out Ampere’s OCI Ampere A1 Solutions site for even more verified software. This site provides an extensive list of verified software, versions, and links for documentation and downloads. You can search or scroll to find what you want.

A graphic depicting a cloud with arrows pointing up and down to represent OCI Ampere A1 Solutions.

We have thoroughly tested Oracle Java, GraalVM, and our Kubernetes service, OKE, on the Ampere A1 platform to ensure stability and performance. As OCI users, you can enjoy the benefits of Java SE and GraalVM EE free, an offering only found on Oracle Cloud.

To ensure a seamless transition to Ampere A1 Compute instances, we’ve partnered with popular continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) tool providers. Specifically, GitLab, Jenkins, Datadog, GitHub, and Rancher have teamed up with Oracle to provide tested Arm solutions. You can easily deploy GitLab, GitHub, and Jenkins solutions with “Deploy to Oracle Cloud” automation.

We also enable you to effortlessly set up your OCI Arm development environments by providing the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image. We made it easy to use this image by posting it as a platform image. Oracle engineers have vetted the packages and assembled a comprehensive environment for you to get started building your applications on Ampere A1 instances. This image has everything that you need to quickly set up a Linux environment for building Arm applications including language SDKs, container tools, database clients, developer tool chains, frameworks, and utilities.

If you don’t see your favorite package in the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image or the Oracle Linux yum repo (see aarch64 packages), check the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, which hosts our partners’ applications and services for use with OCI. We’ve provided a filter to help you quickly find the packages that support Arm.

A screenshot of the architecture filter options.

Engage the Oracle Arm developer support network

You can quickly find essential and useful information for Arm on Oracle’s Arm Developer Portal. The developer page provides the resources that you need to build, deploy, and learn to use your apps on Arm. You can find information about setting up your Arm environment and selecting the best workloads for Arm, plus reference architectures, tutorials, hands-on labs, and a list of software that has been tested on Arm.

You can also collaborate with other developers and Oracle on Stack Overflow and Cloud Customer Connect communities. We monitor the following combined tags on Stack Overflow, “oracle-cloud-infrastructure” and “arm.”

As you continue to learn and build on Ampere A1 Compute, you can ask questions and get answers from a broader community of Arm users. The developer community in OCI’s ecosystem extends to key Arm partners, such as Ampere, Arm, GitLab, Jenkins, Rancher, Genymotion, NGINX, OnSpecta, and open source communities like the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to increase confidence that your favorite tools run well on Arm. But this release is just a start. We’re continuously working with providers to expand Arm coverage so that you always have the support that you need.

The OCI Arm developer ecosystem is the easiest and most comprehensive way to build your knowledge and skills on this important new technology and keep your tech skills up to date. With the support offered by the experts in the developer community, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. You can ask questions and get them answered quickly.

Get started

Are you ready to get started? Sign up for a free account on Oracle’s Cloud Free Tier and learn more about developing on Ampere A1 Compute by checking out our Arm Developer Portal.

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