Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image kickstarts an all-in-one development environment on OCI

March 28, 2024 | 4 minute read
Julie Wong
Product Management Director
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Developers are often faced with tight deadlines and budgets, so time to productivity is critical to delivering projects quickly and efficiently. You can kickstart your development projects with the latest Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image, you can easily install Oracle Linux and the software and tools you need to get started quickly. It only takes a few minutes to launch a comprehensive development environment in OCI.

Development-ready, comprehensive set of software and tools

The Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image is an Oracle Linux-based, ready-to-run OCI platform image that allows you to install, configure, and launch a choice of preferred development languages, database connectors, software development kits (SDKs), and OCI client tools. It also deploys command line and GUI tools to write, debug, and run code in various languages. You have the flexibility to deploy the image on compatible Intel or AMD (x86_64), or Ampere (aarch64) shapes on OCI.

The Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image (x86_64) includes the following preinstalled components:

For the list of preinstalled components for the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image for Arm (aarch64), refer to the documentation.

Oracle Linux: An optimal choice for cloud-scale workloads

Oracle Linux is an open source OS that provides cloud-ready, integrated services with OCI and is highly tuned for demanding workloads at cloud scale. Oracle Linux is a proven operating environment optimized for performance, scalability, reliability, and security. It powers Oracle Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems and is used by tens of thousands of customers globally. Oracle Linux is extensively tested and validated on OCI, including running Oracle Database and Oracle Applications. Innovative Oracle Linux features are delivered regularly to enhance the user experience when running Oracle and non-Oracle workloads alike.

Oracle Linux, Java, and GraalVM support at no extra cost on OCI

The Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image includes the following licensing and support for several premium developer tools at no extra cost with a paid OCI subscription:

  • Oracle Linux Premier Support is included with a paid OCI subscription at no extra cost. You can enjoy the highest-level support for your Oracle Linux instances on OCI, including 24/7 telephone and online technical support, access to enhancements and updates, and zero-downtime patching with Oracle Ksplice, all without having to budget for operating system licensing and support costs.

  • License and support for Oracle Java, Oracle’s widely adopted Java Development Kit (JDK), are included with paid OCI subscriptions at no extra cost. This kit includes the ability to log bugs, receive regular stability, performance, and security updates, and more.

  • Oracle GraalVM is included with the Java SE Universal Subscription and is supported at no extra cost with a paid OCI subscription. GraalVM is a high-performance JDK that speeds up the performance of Java and JVM-based applications and simplifies the building and running of Java cloud native services. The optimized compiler generates faster code and uses fewer compute resources, enabling microservices to start virtually instantly.

Minutes to productivity

A few simple steps can get you started with development. The Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image launches directly from the Oracle Cloud Console with no manual software downloads or installations required.

  1. Log in to the Oracle Cloud Console. Under the main navigation menu, navigate to Compute, Instances, and select Create instance to configure the instance.
  2. Select Change image and choose the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer 8 image under the Oracle Linux image category selection. Accept the image terms of usage, and select Select image.
  3. When you have completed your instance configuration details, select Create.

Oracle Linux Cloud Developer 8 image in OCI

When the instance is running, you have access to a comprehensive set of development software and tools. For more details, refer to the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image documentation.

Start development today

Development in the cloud is easier than ever with the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image for OCI. Start development in the cloud today by signing up for an OCI account.

For more information about the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer image and other resources, see the following resources:

Julie Wong

Product Management Director

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