Accelerate video operations with OCI Media Services

July 20, 2022 | 3 minute read
Sathya Velir
Principal Product Manager
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We’re excited to announce the general availability of Media Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). OCI customers with video content can use the low-cost media processing capabilities of OCI Media Flow and media distribution with OCI Media Streams. These services can enhance applications and business processes with new media capabilities to create better customer experience and improve business operations.

Coupled with OCI’s low egress fee, OCI Media Services offer a scalable high-performance video platform at an affordable price.

A graphic depicting the DMS Media Flow process.

Two new services for your video-on-demand operations

Digital media assets require significant processing effort and have IT infrastructure needs. OCI Media Services aims to help you simplify asset creation, management, and distribution with OCI scalability. All the media assets are managed through OCI Object Storage service. Optionally, you can use OCI AI services for transcript, object, and facial detection natively through Media Flow.

Media Flow processes your media files

OCI Media Flow is a regionally deployed, fully managed service for processing video and audio content. Transcode your video-on-demand (VOD) into output formats suitable for streaming VOD to various device types and desired resolutions. Media Flow simplifies the process for creating streaming formats from source content, so you don’t need to worry about managing complex video processing infrastructure.

Media Flow offers a native integration with OCI AI Speech, Vision, and Language services to offer an innovative way to generate automatic closed captions and detect scenes and specific objects. This integration is ideal for cognitive editing, advanced content search, and discovery of large VOD libraries.

OCI Media Flow is a perfect addition to Object Storage. Upload your media content to an Object Storage bucket, and Media Flow performs specified transcoding operations to create adaptive bit rate (ABR) packages in a customer-managed Object Storage bucket. You can deliver the output from Media Flow as streaming VODs with Media Streams service or third-party systems. Media Flow can also generate thumbnails for the video asset, which is ideal for creating a sprite in your video player.

OCI Media Flow is the perfect solution for the following use cases:

  • Secure enterprise VOD streaming, such as internal townhall meetings

  • Enterprise-grade VOD learning platforms

  • HIPAA-compliant healthcare platforms that manage video content

  • Video production operations that require precise metadata

Media Streams delivers your content to your audience

OCI Media Streams is a perfect way to securely stream VOD content with high performance. The service is a regionally deployed and fully managed, providing scalable distribution and origination for just-in-time packaged ABR video content. It includes packaging features for target format conversion (HLS/DASH), encryption (AES128) or session-based tokens using OCI Vault service, and video segmentation for ABR streams in seconds.

Media Streams also provides secure and scalable distribution of the packaged ABR content using your Akamai CDN origination or own CDN or can be streamed directly from OCI Edge Services(regional endpoint) for limited users. Media Streams simplifies the process for distribution and packages streaming formats from source content, so you don’t need to worry about managing complex video packaging infrastructure.

Media Streams works by ingesting HLS (m3u8 files) representing transcoded content residing in your Object Storage buckets. Like OCI Media Flows, other external transcoding services can create transcoded content if they comply with the ingest formats that Media Streams supports and reside in OCI Object Storage buckets.

Try OCI Media Services now

Set up your OCI Media Flow and Media Streams  in minutes with your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.


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Sathya Velir

Principal Product Manager

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