Does AWS Outposts' Pricing/Performance Match Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer?

May 7, 2021 | 3 minute read
Brian Huynh
Product Marketing
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Oracle vs AWS Outposts: Pricing & Performance Comparison

How does AWS Outposts' pricing and performance compare to Oracle? Customers want an on-premises cloud solution that saves them money and accelerates their workloads. They also want to pay the same price to run these workloads anywhere. Take a look at how Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer meets customer requirements better than AWS Outposts. Pricing and performance comparisons show a distinct Oracle advantage.

Oracle vs AWS Outposts: Pricing for compute and storage services

Running workloads on Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer is more cost effective than AWS Outposts. Pricing for compute services is lower on Oracle's platform. Outposts’ R5 instance is up to 207% more expensive than Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer’s E4 compute instance (as of April 2021).

Oracle vs AWS Outposts: High-performance demands

Customers running Oracle database workloads on Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer gain massive performance over AWS Outposts: up to 98X lower latency, 12X higher read IOPS, and 10X higher throughput. AWS Outposts has never published performance SLAs, which potentially limits its ability to run critical, enterprise applications on-premises.

Customizable compute shapes

Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer supports flexible shapes for customers to minimize cost by creating exact resources to match their workloads. AWS Outposts’ EC2 instance sizes are predefined with no option to customize vCPU or memory. Because customers cannot build exact EC2 instance sizes to match their workloads on Outposts, this implies that they cannot optimize for performance and minimize costs.

Oracle vs. AWS Outposts: Pricing for on-premises or in the public cloud

Customers pay the same price regardless of where they consume Oracle cloud services. Prices of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services are the same on Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer or in the Oracle public cloud. AWS customers, however, pay a different price to use cloud services on Outposts than on the AWS public cloud. To see this inconsistency, refer to AWS Outposts pricing and AWS pricing. For more information Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer’s advantages in SaaS services, please see How Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer brings a more complete set of public cloud services to customers’ data centers than AWS Outposts.

Oracle vs. AWS Outposts: Consistent pricing across cloud regions

Customers pay the same price to run their workloads on Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer throughout the world. Such globally consistent pricing makes it easier to plan and budget, especially when workloads are running in multiple regions. On the other hand, customers pay more to deploy Outposts outside of the U.S. because AWS Outposts' pricing plan charges different prices for the same configuration of Outposts in different AWS Regions. This pricing policy can increase costs for customers running applications in multiple locations.

Support included at no extra cost

Customers receive 24/7 support when they subscribe to Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. Meanwhile, AWS Outposts does not include support with purchase, and customers must pay an additional fee to receive support for AWS Outposts.

Oracle Dedicated Region: Customer Success

Nomura Research Institute (NRI) is the largest consulting firm and IT solutions provider in Japan, offering management consulting, IT services, and BPO. The various business platforms that it offers to the financial markets are highly regarded in the marketplace, and NRI adopted Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer to further increase the value of these platforms.

“With Oracle Dedicated Region, we can use Oracle Exadata as a cloud service to achieve greater agility and seamless expansion, while maintaining high availability at the same level as on-premises environments.” - Tomoshiro Takemoto, Senior Corporate Managing Director

How Nomura Research Institute (NRI) increase the value of its business platforms with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Forward Perspective

Oracle is committed to enabling customers with the most competitive cloud solution offerings in support of their business requirements and modernization path forward. For our next post in this blog series, we will spotlight how Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer helps customers migrate and run any workload as is, including those that rely on bare metal or VMware.

Need more information to see why Oracle outperforms AWS Outposts in pricing and performance? Learn more about how Oracle is transforming customer data centers with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. Watch the Oracle Cloud Platform Virtual Summit today.


Brian Huynh

Product Marketing

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