Oracle Dedicated Region - A complete cloud solution in your data center

June 21, 2022 | 4 minute read
Deepak Peswani
Director, Product Management, PaaS-Development
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Oracle is pleased to announce new infrastructure capabilities for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region solution for the global customers who need to run their workloads on-premises for data residency requirements, low-latency application performance, and infrastructure modernization.

Over the past several years, public cloud adoption has become mainstream as enterprises take advantage of the scale and agility the cloud offers. However, it is evident that ~70% of workloads still remain on-premises, according to a 2021 Cowan survey.

So why are 70% of the workloads still on-premises?

The primary factors for on-premises workloads are:

•    Data governance and regulatory requirements
•    The ability to manage security and risk
•    Latency, availability, and application performance.

As per IDC FutureScape worldwide cloud 2022 predictions – By 2025, in response to performance, security, and compliance requirements, 60% of organizations will implement dedicated cloud services either on-premises or in a service provider facility.

Dedicated Region

OCI Dedicated Region is our solution to satisfy these customer requirements. It is a complete cloud region in customer’s own datacenter offering the agility, scalability, and economics of OCI’s public cloud while retaining data and service control.

OCI Dedicated Region provides all OCI public cloud services and applications in a specific physical location; a data center that the customer controls. Customers can start small and build fast, while retaining full control of their data and services to meet the highest security, regulatory, and data residency requirements.

In this latest release of OCI Dedicated region, customers can use a dedicated region in new ways with a new, lower minimum consumption commitment. You pay only for the services you consume, based on the same predictable low pricing available in Oracle’s public regions with no up-front costs for the OCI Dedicated Region hardware or software.

Oracle has made significant technical and operational enhancements to the solution such as,

  • A smaller base footprint to improve performance and reduce overall costs, with a 60% reduction in space and power requirements compared to prior versions using the latest high-density hardware supported by Intel and AMD, with HPC and GPU support for customers who need it. Dedicated Regions architecture, like OCI’s public cloud, is designed to maintain hardware and software redundancy requirements to implement 3 independent fault domains.
  • Support for multiple dedicated regions, creating a private, dedicated cloud realm. Dedicated Regions have multiple interconnection options for connectivity between regions and can have public internet access if desired.
  • Engineered to have layered security controls at all levels (Physical, Infrastructure, Application, and Data security coupled with enhanced automated observability), together with certifications such as, HIPAA and PCI DSS now included in the base compliance.
  • We’ve increased the flexibility in how we install and expand our infrastructure, giving customers the ability to start quickly and scale rapidly, as OCI manages capacity and expands as needed using the same infrastructure components that we use in our public cloud regions.  

The latest release of Dedicated Region offers the following key capabilities that benefit customers while meeting their data residency and low-latency requirements –

  • Access to all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services and Oracle Cloud Applications

OCI Dedicated Region allows customers to run their existing enterprise applications and Oracle applications as well as build new, innovative functionality. Unlike the on-premises solutions from other public cloud providers, Dedicated Region provides all the services and applications of OCIs public cloud, not a subset.

  • Independent, single-tenant cloud region in a customer data center

OCI Dedicated Region operates independently. All systems, including the control plane, are located at a customer site and managed remotely by OCI. Customers get control, security, and privacy with a single-tenant solution. Dedicated Region helps customers satisfy data residency or regulatory requirements to keep data within a jurisdiction and technical requirements such as low-latency connections to other infrastructure or facilities.  

  • Managed hardware and software solution

Customers benefit from the full functionality, supportability, and updates of hardware and software used by OCI’s public cloud regions. Unlike private cloud platforms, either from systems vendors or custom-built, Dedicated Region is a proven, integrated, supported platform from a single vendor.

  • Delivered and supported as a service

Customers don’t use their own IT resources to build, manage, and update a cloud. Instead, Dedicated Regions are operated and supported by OCI, upgraded with new functionality when OCI cloud regions are updated, and backed by the same availability, manageability, and performance SLAs as OCI cloud regions. Customers have no Capex overheads to get started with Dedicate Region, just ongoing usage commitments. Customers can start quickly, and scale as needed.

To learn more about the latest updates on the OCI Oracle Dedicated Region solution and many more exciting announcements please register here.

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Deepak Peswani

Director, Product Management, PaaS-Development

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